A collection of Scandinavian-inspired furniture.

Founded by designers Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck, Massproductions is a Swedish furniture brand that makes modernist, Scandinavian-inspired products for residential and commercial spaces. The company’s name refers to the “beauty of efficient, sustainable, high quality industrial production.” Indeed, the brand takes responsible production seriously, beginning with the designs. For example, some of their furniture takes years to perfect as a concept before becoming a part of the collection. Other designs are the result of a long research process. With the Rose Chair, designer-in-chief Chris Martin explored both the limits and the possibilities of working with layer-glued wood.

The chair has an organic shape that reminds of flower petals or leaves. Built from wood without any screws or metal hardware, the armchair features four geometric forms that create a harmonious design. The parts fit together perfectly to give the chair excellent structural integrity. So much so, that the chair suits even public spaces and heavy-duty use. Massproductions makes the chair in Småland from Swedish, FSC-certified wood. As a result, the Rose Chair has received the Möbelfakta certification, a Swedish sustainability and quality label. The chair comes in black-stained oak, natural oak, and natural walnut versions.

Celebrating sustainable design and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

The Massproduction collection comprises a wide range of furniture designs, for indoor or outdoor use. The range includes everything from chairs, armchairs and stools to coffee tables, dining tables, accessories, and storage solutions. Functional and pragmatic, the designs are also sculptural and versatile. The company launches a limited number of new products per year, focusing on providing quality with a slow, sustainable approach to design and manufacturing.

Furthermore, Massproductions produces all furniture in Europe, with most of the production completed in Sweden and Poland. The products also come with eco-friendly packaging, via delivery systems that aim to reduce the company’s carbon impact. Finally, the brand has a Face Lift program that connects customers with a network of international upholsterers who can restore used furniture to an exceptional standard. This program also includes several guides on how to best care for and preserve different materials to prolong the life of each piece of furniture. Photographs© Massproductions.

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