Jaime Hayon

Valencia, Spain

Spanish designer and artist Jaime Hayon was born in 1974 in Madrid. He studied industrial design in Madrid and Paris before moving to Italy in 1997 to lead the design department at Fabrica – a design and communication research center funded by Benetton. In 2000, he founded his eponymous studio where he completes projects that range from product design to interior design and art for a wide range of international brands. Now the studio has offices in Italy, Spain and Japan. His work often features either bold colors and patterns or a minimalist aesthetic and elegant curves, with strong artistic influences appearing throughout his designs. Jaime Hayon works in different mediums, pushing boundaries with creatively designed products that help traditional, high-end companies find their next evolutionary step. Among them, Baccarat, Bosa Ceramiche or Lladro. The designer’s work has been awarded numerous awards and distinctions and has been exhibited at prestigious locations worldwide, including at Centre Pompidou in Paris and at the London Design Museum.

Creative Field

Industrial Design

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