Matteo Cibic

Vicenza, Italy

Matteo Cibic is an Italian product designer, multidisciplinary artist, and interior designer. Born in 1983 in Parma, Italy, he moved to the UK to study art and design, completing his studies at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury. Back in Italy, he attended the prestigious Politecnico di Milano School of Design, graduating in 2004. After working in his uncle’s studio, the renowned designer Aldo Cibic, Matteo Cibic opened his own practice in 2006. Opulent, sophisticated, and unashamedly bold, his designs often combine anthropomorphic forms with multifunctional design and high-end materials and finishes. His clients include world-famous brands and organizations like Centre Pompidou, Benetton Group, Nespresso, or Gas Jeans. The award-winning designer’s work has been featured in publications worldwide and has been included in the collections of many museums and cultural institutions, including Centre Pompidou and the Shanghai Museum of Glass.

Creative Field

Product Design

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