Artistic designs inspired by the Atomic Age and the world of a seabird.

Launched during Milan Design Week 2021, these two collections from Scapin Collezioni show why Italian design is a world leader when it comes to artistic flair, creativity, and innovation. Designers and artists Elena Salmistraro and Matteo Cibic each collaborated with the Italian brand on the New Atomic Age and Nazca Booby ranges of furniture and home accessories. Shown in an exhibition and installation in Palazzo Litta in Milan, the collections display the excellence of Italian design.

New Atomic Age by Elena Salmistraro draws inspiration from the period of twenty three years between 1940–1963 when the Cold War and the possibility of nuclear war dominated the Western world and gave birth to the Atomic Age design movement. Looking towards the future, designers used graphic symbols and bold shapes to convey space exploration and atomic science themes. Likewise, Elena Salmistraro used the shapes of atoms and nuclei to create simple but sophisticated objects. Boasting primordial forms and various symbols, the products represent a new vision for the future; one where Futurism and Primitivism come together to capture a New Atomic Age. This Scapin collection comprises a table and a coffee table as well as a stool, a bench, a vase, and hangers.

For the Nazca Booby range, Matteo Cibic looked to the world of the seabird for inspiration. As a result, the collection features elegant curves and light colors as well as the designer’s opulent style. This range comprises a vanity table, a dining table, and plant pots. All of them boast organic forms that reference nature. Beautifully crafted, the products celebrate both the refinement of contemporary Italian design and the quality of traditional Italian craftsmanship. Art direction by Studio MILO. Photography© Thomas Pagani Studio.

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