The Custom Indian FTR 1200 “20.2″ Bike

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A minimalist build that improves the original design with subtle but impactful changes.

Completed by French bike workshop Sur Les Chapeaux De Roues, this build takes a more minimalist approach to customization. Named Indian 1200 FTR “20.2”, the bespoke bike hides a huge amount of work under a clean design. Workshop founder Manuel Jouan painstakingly transformed the original bike; he improved both its appearance and technical features while “hiding” the interventions under an elegant and restrained exterior. Completely rebuilt without the stock air box, the rear frame now features a bespoke aluminum fuel tank that runs almost the entire length of the bike. The larger tank adds 5 liters on top of the original capacity of 13 and boasts a new cover that holds both the pop-up cap and the speedometer.

The oil cooler now has a different position which allowed the workshop to better showcase the bike’s 1,203cc V-twin engine. At the rear, a SC Project muffler replaces the larger stock pipework for a more elegant look. At the front, the headlight surrounds have been replaced with a classic bucket design, while the indicators are now Kellerman units. The custom saddle features leather upholstery as well as a hand-formed aluminum rear shell that covers the frame. To enhance the quality of the bike, the team changed all plastic parts and surfaces with better, premium materials. Finally, a metallic black paint coating with gray accents gives a stylish touch to the design. Photographs© Charles Séguy.

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