With more tools than ever at their disposal, talented bike builders can create some truly stunning custom builds. On this page, we feature modern motorcycle design in all its glory. Completed by workshops from the US and around the world, these bikes showcase skill and creativity in a range of different styles. Whether using an iconic base bike from the 1970s or a new motorcycle, these custom bikes are one of a kind.


If you love motorcycle design, you’ll have plenty of amazing builds to browse through on this page. We have gathered the best bespoke projects we could find from all over the world. From cafe racers to scramblers, from classic designs to futuristic builds, here you’ll find a wide variety of custom motorcycles. Bespoke features, handmade parts, ingenious transformations, and gorgeous finishes all come together to give new life to old bikes. While made according to the clients’ needs, some of these projects showcase the workshops’ artistry in creating distinctive designs. Vibrant colors, sharp angles, unconventional forms, and futuristic elements can all make a custom bike stand out from the crowd. Other builds feature minimalist designs but never sacrifice on style or creativity. Indeed, some of the most eye-catching and impressive builds take the “less is more” approach, even if that applies to the bike’s design only, not its modifications.


Created for daily rides, weekend adventures, or even months-long journeys, custom bikes are always meticulously crafted. Motorcycle design starts at the frame and runs through every part of the bike. Components made and finished by hand along with flawless paint jobs make these bikes look like works of art on two wheels.