Atelier Mima

Nantes, France

Atelier MIMA, based in Nantes, France, is an esteemed architecture studio renowned for its efficient and contextual approach to design. Co-managed by Sébastien Magrez and Antoine Michaud, both accomplished architects and educators at the École d'Architecture de Nantes, the studio has carved a niche for itself in contemporary architecture. Their portfolio, marked by a keen sensitivity to the timelessness of inhabited spaces, has garnered widespread recognition and numerous awards. Notable accolades include the Europe 40 under 40 award in 2020, the AJAP Album des Jeunes Architectes & Paysagistes in 2018, and the Maisons du Morbihan 2017 first prize for Maison J.J&S.M. Their work, Brasserie du Bouffay, won the Trophées Eiffel d’architecture acier in 2016 and was also selected for the Prix APERÇUS d’architecture in 2017. Additionally, Maison B.S&A.M and Maison JJ&S.M have been recognized in various prestigious competitions, showcasing the studio's diverse and innovative design ethos. Atelier MIMA's team, including BIM Manager Christophe Fortineau and architects Noémie Corbel, Alessandra Cartagena, and Marieke Doreau, contributes significantly to its success. The studio continues to push boundaries, blending architectural innovation with a deep respect for the environments they transform.

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