London, United Kingdom

Blond is a pioneering design studio, founded and steered by the visionary leadership of James Melia. This innovative team is dedicated to discovering clear, effective solutions to intricate, multidimensional challenges. With a diverse portfolio encompassing Industrial Design, Branding, UX & UI, and Packaging Design, Blond operates at the cutting edge of multiple sectors. Embracing both physical and digital domains, Blond employs a comprehensive research methodology paired with strategic acumen. This approach allows the team to peel back the layers of complexity surrounding a problem, revealing opportunities for transformative solutions. A collective of creators, designers, and strategists, Blond meticulously shapes brands and products that deliver tangible user benefits and endure the test of time. Over the past year, Blond's work has catalyzed start-up clients to secure over $20m in investment, propelling them to become global industry leaders. The studio's approach extends beyond mere product creation, urging clients to envision the larger context. This perspective empowers businesses, equipping them with the tools to navigate financial challenges and thrive in their respective sectors.

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