Maguire + Devine

Hobart, Australia

Maguire + Devine Architects, based in Hobart, Tasmania, is a dynamic studio celebrated for its innovative and responsible design ethos. Founders Hugh and Dan envision architecture as more than structures — it's a living experience that connects us to our surroundings and fosters meaningful interactions. Prioritizing living spaces as vital settings for daily rituals, their designs focus on creating atmospheres that engage all senses. They embrace sustainability, utilizing renewable natural materials that possess innate character. Their commitment to crafting quality and the foundational principle of common sense is evident in every project. Their client-centric approach ensures a personalized journey, fostering deep relationships from concept to completion. Whether it's a cozy residential space or a large-scale commercial venture, Maguire + Devine Architects designs environments that resonate with the heart, context, and climate, encapsulating the poetic harmony of architecture.

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