Brussels, Belgium

Founded in 2014 in Brussels by Matthieu Busana and Sébastien Dachy, Mamout is an architectural studio with a unique approach that bridges the gap between the contemporary and the enduring. Operating at the intersection of several contrasting ideas—such as structure versus livability and system versus domesticity—the team embraces these dynamic opposites to create a truly distinctive architectural language. Mamout's process is anything but abstract; it is grounded in practicality. They create numerous paper models to visualize how various elements like light and space will interact within the design. This attention to detail extends to the construction site, where they collaborate closely with partners to explore a multitude of solutions. Particularly when renovating, Mamout is committed to respecting and preserving the integrity of existing structures, designing their interventions to be mostly reversible. This dedication to practical yet impactful design is complemented by a commitment to environmental sustainability, particularly in the responsible sourcing and reuse of materials. Such a philosophy has earned them recognition, including the Duyver Prize in 2017 and the Belgian Building Awards' Rookie of the Year in 2019.

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