An Australian company that makes minimalist but fun furniture, lighting and home accessories.

Founded in 2014 by Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman, Dowel Jones is an award-winning Australian brand that makes products with unconventional, distinctive designs. While the company started out as a small studio that helped furnish local businesses, Dowel Jones furniture, lighting, and home accessories can now be found in interiors all across Australia and the rest of the world. The company also produces one of a kind designs. For example, Venena Arca and the Never Grow Up Bench. Inspired by 16th century cabinets for curiosities, Venena Arca features poisonous Australian flowers tattooed on its solid wood doors.

For the Never Grow Up bench, which the National Gallery of Victoria included in their permanent collection, Dowel Jones also looked back in time for inspiration. More specifically, to memories of scratching names and symbols on tables at school or benches in the park. The Dowel Jones collection is equally creative, albeit in a more subdued way that allows the pieces to easily blend into modern interiors.

Creative and refined designs for contemporary living spaces.

The company designs products in-house and also collaborates with designers from Australia and other countries like the US and Argentina. Minimalist and contemporary, the Dowel Jones collection comprises imaginative designs that are as bold and fun as they are elegant. Apart from seating and tables that combine clean lines and geometric forms, the range also includes designs inspired by nature. Organic shapes reminiscent of flowers or clouds give furniture a playful twist. Vibrant or muted colors enhance these designs in different ways.

Dowel Jones also works with a range of Australian and international manufacturers to ensure the quality of the products. The company prioritizes local production, with steel and timber manufacturing and finishing processes completed in Melbourne or in and around the company’s factory in Geelong. To keep production local for products sold in the US, Dowel Jones turned to a family-owned manufacturer in Michigan. Finally, the chosen materials highlight the products’ contemporary aesthetics as well as their craftsmanship. Apart from steel, brass and spun aluminum, the company also uses solid wood and natural vegetable tanned leather. As a result, their products look modern yet have the quality of heirloom items. Photography© Dowel Jones.

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