An artistic collection of creative candles that combine in architectural sculptures.

Established by Francesca and Manuela Pucciarini, Trama is a multidisciplinary design platform that aims to promote collaborative projects between creatives who come from different industries and cultures. The program follows a set of core values that include the importance of creating a network of like-minded people; of finding sources of inspiration in unexpected places, including narrative concepts; and of always focusing on producing valuable objects that are more than functional items. Placing added value and minimalism in perfect balance, Trama makes sustainable products that are beautifully simple and clever at the same time. The Kandela series of creative candles is the perfect example.

Reinventing the candle as an interactive, three-dimensional art object.

Named after “candela”, which is the Italian word for “candle”, the collection comprises modular decorative candles that allow the user to create fascinating sculptures. Unlike traditional candles that have a simple, cylindrical shape, Kandela re-imagines the object as a geometric composition. The series features creative candles with curved and vertical forms in different combinations. The concept puts the candle in the spotlight, instead of a candle holder. Indeed, these candles are self-supporting and don’t even require a base. At the same time, the modular collection encourages the user to interact with the products and create new structures.

Apart from U and H-shaped candles, the series also includes Y, 3Y, 2U, and 2H shapes. Thanks to the modular design, the user can combine two or more candles to make intricate sculptures. The elegant shapes also remind of architectural elements like the column and the arch. These creative candles come in Natural, White, Salvia, Green, and Brown colors. Keeping in line with Trama’s sustainable approach to manufacturing, the Kandela series is entirely handmade and features beeswax from sustainable sources. The white wax is bleached without chemicals, while the pigments are certified non-toxic and the wicks are made in Italy from natural fibers. Finally, all-paper packaging makes the collection as environmentally-friendly as it is imaginative. Images courtesy of Trama.

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