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The Impeccably designed and crafted bespoke kitchen that makes you feel like a pro chef.

Some products are so well designed that every line and curve, down to the smallest detail, has its specific purpose. Italian designs fall in this category, more often than not. Abimis’ Ego bespoke kitchen is a perfect example. Part of Prisma, an Italian company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing state-of-the-art, professional-grade kitchens and bar counters, Abimis aims to shake up the foundation of the kitchen design industry. The name refers to a Francis Bacon quote, “Instauratio facienda ab imis fundamentis,” which refers to the radical change required to overhaul an institution or a lifestyle: from the core of its foundation. Abimis builds a new base, starting with a fresh concept and a clean slate to revolutionize home cooking. For Abimis, three figures have contributed to build the new foundation: the designer, the chef, and the craftsman.

The Ego bespoke kitchen translates the functionality of professional kitchens into a stylish design that celebrates the art of cooking. It’s the professional chef’s kitchen, but in a domestic setting. While sleek and elegant, the kitchen ultimately provides a tailor-made solution to optimize every aspect of cooking in order to allow the user to re-discover the joy of the cooking process. Designed by Alberto Torsello, the kitchen features an ergonomic design that maximizes user comfort and function. At the same time, Ego looks like a work of art. It has elegant curves and clean lines as well as a range of cutting-edge features.

Ego comes with signature, built-in flush doors with a patented pivoting hinge that doesn’t require any adjustments. The stainless steel worktop comes as an integrated part or with a joint-free, separate top plate. The AISI 304 steel material is biologically neutral and doesn’t absorb odors. It’s also easy to clean. Every component and feature has its specific place to optimize ease of use and the time spent cooking. Storage solutions provide the right way to store tools as well as food. Pull-out shelves make the most of the depth of the kitchen, while chilled larder units or shelving compatible with Gastronorm basins reference professional kitchens. Spacious and made with a hygienic stainless steel surface, the worktop surface makes prep a breeze. The plinth of the bespoke kitchen can also have a recessed design to optimize worktop access.

Ego kitchens also feature warming drawers, custom hob sizes, stainless steel hotplates with grease channels, and sinks that can accommodate the largest of professional grade pots. Customers can order their bespoke kitchen with a polished mirror finish, orbital hand-polished finish, matte surface, or in any color. As every Ego kitchen is made-to-order, the customization options are endless. They include everything from changing the worktops to adding modular units and accessories as well as custom sinks, shelves, and refrigerated bins. Head over to the brand’s site to delve into the world of the Italian kitchen design and maybe even order your dream bespoke kitchen. Photographs© Abimis.

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