Custom, handcrafted electric Bronco cars that complement their classic good looks with an all-electric drive system.

First-gen Ford Bronco vehicles have a distinctive charm that have made them one of the most beloved designs among auto fans. Zero Labs takes these classic beauties and converts them into all-electric cars that keep their vintage good looks but are actually good to the environment. Based in California, Zero Labs works with authentic 1966-1977 First Generation Ford Bronco 4×4 cars, transforming them into clean vehicles. The company’s series of electric Bronco cars represents the best of classic design and environmental responsibility.

Zero Labs uses first-gen Bronco bodies for the series, adding either a single RWD or a dual-motor all wheel drive with a 350V 85 or 100 kWh battery. The dual-motor system offers a range of more than 235 miles as well as 600 hp. Both the single and the dual-motor models come with automatic controls along with independent front and rear suspensions. Other features include 31.5’’ off-road tires, 18’’ classic steel wheels, and Brembo six-piston brakes. While Zero Labs offers four electric Bronco versions, customers can choose from a range of customization options.

The four base packages are Classic Beach, Mountain Off-Road, Modern Luxury, and Classic Retro. They have factory steel or carbon fiber bodies along with a range of special features. Among them, rust protection finishes, removable soft tops and hardtops, surfboard roof mounts, emergency cell range boosters, factory matched paint finishes, and many more. These electric Bronco cars have a price that starts at $185,000. Each one is handmade to order and the final price depends on the custom features and finishes. Finally, the company offers a 24-month repair warranty along with a battery and drive unit warranty. The latter covers either a 4-year period or the first 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Photographs© Zero Labs.

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