A new Range Rover designed with modernist influences.

Announced for 2022, the new Land Rover Range Rover is more refined than ever before. The design is timeless and minimal as well as informed by modernist influences. And the result? One of the most elegant SUVs made so far. Apart from its stylish silhouette and clean design, the 2022 Range Rover also features some changes compared to the previous model. Among them, the split tailgate, vertical tail lamps, short overhang at the front, and hidden lighting. Beyond visual cues, the vehicle also incorporates new technology and smart features in its design. While the MLA-Flex body allows four, five, and seven-seat configurations, the Integrated Chassis Control with the Dynamic Response Pro system and an Electronic Air Suspension ensures optimal comfort.

The 2022 Range Rover comes with the Soft Door Close system as well as the optional Power Assisted Doors, starting from 2023. This latter feature works with all four doors and includes advanced hazard detection and a screen control system. In the cabin, leather surfaces complement sleek details in a design that emanates refinement and comfort. Furthermore, the company will offer a range of customization options for the interior, including various design themes and materials. The current model features a 523 hp twin turbocharged VB engine, but Land Rover aims to launch two other options. A plug-in hybrid Range Rover comes in 2023. Then, a fully electric SUV will arrive sometime in 2024. Photography© Land Rover.

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