The authentic evolution of an iconic racing car from the 1980s.

Developed by Italian company Kimera Automobili in a collaboration with a team of engineers, automotive experts, and technicians, Lancia 037 brings back the iconic ‘80s racing car as a new, modernized version. The Kimera EVO37 project is part of the “Restomod” movement and pays homage to the original Lancia 037 that made waves at the World Rally Championships and won the world title as a Group B 2-wheel drive. Designed by Luca Betti, founder and CEO of Kimera Automobili, and engineered with a deep respect for the past, the car combines the unmistakable Italian style of the legendary car with the latest technology to offer superior performance. And the result? An early Christmas gift for any dedicated collectors looking for a Lancia 037 for sale. Kimera EVO37 celebrates the beloved 1980s racing car and re-imagines it for a whole new generation of motor sport and racing enthusiasts.

A limited-edition series that modernizes the original but stays faithful to the design.

To bring the car to life, Kimera Automobili worked with experts who developed the original, including Claudio Lombardi who designed the ’80s engine. Apart from blending contemporary design with cutting-edge manufacturing processes, the company also used a range of new technologies, including 3D scanning, rapid prototyping, CNC milling, and reverse engineering. The sculptural car boasts a combination of materials, from steel and aluminum to carbon fiber, titanium, and kevlar. Nods to the original include the quad headlights that now boast LED lighting, the fender flares as well as the dashboard and central tunnel structure of the Lancia 037 Rally.

This Lancia 037 features a Lancia Beta Montecarlo chassis with two tubular frames at the front and rear and a range of modern modifications. Redesigned suspensions improve upon the original components with adjustable Öhlins shock-absorbers, while the Brembo braking system comes with traditional or carbo-ceramic parts. Apart from a re-engineered engine with an impressive 500 hp and 550 Nm of torque, this Lancia 037 for sale also features 18’’ and 19’’ Pirelli tires. The interior showcases the refinement of Italian design with Delta S4-shaped seats covered in Alcantara or leather, red accents, and carbon fiber surfaces. Made in a limited-edition series of only 37 models, the Kimera EVO37 will make its debut in July 2021 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. However, 11 models have already been sold. The rest of these Lancia 037 for sale will have a base price of around $590,000. Photographs© Kimera Automobili.

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