A 3D printed lamp inspired by curtains’ effect on light.

Designed by UK based industrial designer Sam Gwilt for lighting brand Gantri, the Encore Table Light draws inspiration from curtains. More specifically, from the way curtains can alter one’s experience of light. The design references the emotional experience derived from seeing theater curtains rising right before a performance begins and the warm feeling of watching sun rays illuminate a room. The Encore Table Light channels these experience while also exploring the effects of lighting with a double exposed diffuser.

The table and desk lamp makes the most of Gantri’s innovative digital manufacturing process. Encore features a 3D printed build that uses a plant-based polymer to offer the perfect blend of durability and eco-friendly lighting. The shade boasts a distinctive ripple effect reminiscent of fabric pleats. Made with a simple cylindrical form, the weighted base provides perfect support and prevents the lamp from tipping accidentally. The base features a matte, soft-touch finish while the translucent shade has a protective coating.

Illuminating with a soft-white glow, the energy efficient LED has 90+ CRI and 850 lumens for a museum-grade light quality. The user can adjust the light with the custom dimming switch. Finally, the custom-designed plug sits flush to the wall. Made in California, the Gantri Encore Table Light comes in Canyon, Coral, and Stone colors, and costs $198.

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