Lighting is an important part of any home, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. In a home office or studio, it becomes especially crucial. Here, a simple lamp transforms into an indispensable item that not only facilitates a smooth work flow but also encourages creativity. Truth is, there are plenty of cheap desk lamps you can buy, but they can never come close to a carefully considered design. A lamp that defies the passage of time because good design is timeless. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, a well thought out, modern desk lamp can make all the difference in your home office.

More importantly, a great design that is also expertly engineered and crafted to last will become a part of your work space for decades to come. This type of designer table lamp will be by your side as you create, draw, write, and innovate. And the greatest designs are the ones you’ll want to pass on to the next generation. In this list, we hope you can find the best desk lamp for home office spaces; that perfect lighting design you’ve been looking for.


What are desk lamps for?

A desk lamp is a necessity for work tables and desks, as a ceiling light often does not offer sufficient light and a floor lamp may be too tall or too difficult to use or move around a smaller area. Good desk lamps provide focused light without glare, which means that users can work more efficiently, without straining their eyes. A desk lamp is perfect for writing, drawing, reading, and any other activity that requires a good source of direct lighting.

What is the best lamp for desk and work tables?

The best lamp for desk areas is a compact lamp that offers enough brightness without glare or flickering. Choose a desk lamp with a cool white light and a brightness of at least 400-500 lumens to make sure that you have enough light for working. The room should also have a ceiling light or another source of light. Finally, the best desk lamps have an adjustable height or allow the user to direct the light with a flexible shade. Dimming features also make it easier to use a desk lamp as they can easily adjust the intensity and brightness of the light.

Are desk lamps bad for your eyes?

Contrary to popular belief, desk lamps are not bad for your eyes. However, they can be if they’re not used properly or if they’re used for extended periods of time – which can cause eye strain and fatigue. Always make sure that the light is focused on your work space and not your eyes. The light should not be too bright or too dim. Keep the shade at the same level with your eyes to minimize eye strain. A desk lamp with a dimmer offers a convenient way to adjust the brightness when needed.

How long do desk lamps last?

The saying “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to desk lamps. A well-made desk lamp should last a lifetime. Good, high-quality products feature durable finishes (powder-coated steel, for example) that make cleaning and maintenance easy but you can also find desk lamps made of quality materials that last – like brass or wood. In terms of light bulbs, an LED lamp will last for around 50,000 hours, an incandescent light bulb for 750 -2,000 hours, and a fluorescent light for up to 36,000 hours. #lessbutbetter


Anglepoise Type 75™ Mini Desk Lamp

Considered by many to be THE modern desk lamp, Anglepoise is the epitome of timeless lighting design. It’s also the perfect way to kick off your journey to find the best desk lamp for home office spaces. This version of the Anglepoise lamp originally introduced in the 1930s takes contemporary work areas into consideration. Designed by Sir Kenneth Grange, the compact and versatile Anglepoise Type 75™ Mini Desk Lamp fits into the smallest of offices with ease. At the same time, it offers the same functionality of an Anglepoise product. The constant spring technology allows the user to adjust the lamp with a light touch and direct the light where it’s needed the most. Plus, like all Anglepoise designs, this mini lamp has an heirloom quality. Which means that you’ll probably use it for a lifetime.

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Tripod HM9

Dating back to 1953, Tripod HM9 is the table version of the Tripod HM8 floor lamp designed by mid-century Danish design masters Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen. Similarly to the larger floor lamp, this version features a tripod base made of welded steel tubes and a spherical support. Spun from a single piece of aluminum, the shade has a rounded, asymmetrical shape that focuses the light to the workspace. The Tripod HM9 desk lamp has a satin matte finish and comes in three elegant versions: Black, Moss, and Maroon.

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VL38 LED Table Lamp by Louis Poulsen

Designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen in the late 1930s for Louis Poulsen, the VL38 LED Table Lamp has an elegant vintage vibe. The lighting brand re-launched the lamp in 2016, with this stylish black version joining the Louis Poulsen collection in 2017. Like the best vintage-style designs, this modern desk lamp has brass surfaces that will look even more gorgeous over time. Other features include an adjustable shade, an energy-saving LED light, and a convenient timer function. The white surface on the interior of the shade softens the light so you can work, create, or relax in complete comfort.

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While the best desk lamp for home office areas should naturally feature a blend of function and style, it should also look distinctive. Pixo from Pablo Designs is a perfect example. Winner of the 2012 Red Dot Design Award, this futuristic table lamp has an elegant design anchored in both functionality and convenience. The flat circular circular shade swivels with a fluid, full-range motion, so you can easily find the perfect light angle for your needs. A dimming feature along with an USB port on the base for charging mobile devices make this lamp as practical as it is beautiful. Plus, Pixo not only illuminates with an energy-saving LED, but it’s also 97% recyclable. Not that you’ll ever want to part with it.

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Z Bar

The quintessential minimalist lighting design, Z-Bar from Koncept re-imagines the classic table lamp as a streamlined object with three bars. Instead of the standard shade and light bulb combination, this lamp features a strip of LEDs integrated in the top bar. Flexible and easy to move, the three bars allow the user to position the light just right. Naturally, the Z-Bar doesn’t have a traditional switch. A touchstrip provides an intuitive solution to turn on, turn off, or simply dim the light with a light touch of a finger. Other notable features include the 50,000 hours lifespan of the 42 LEDs, the water-based paint finish, recyclable aluminum frame, multiple installation systems, and several accessories.

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Louis Poulsen AJ Table Lamp

Your home office deserves the best. How about an iconic design? Created by renowned designer Arne Jacobsen in 1960, the AJ Table Lamp exemplifies why good design endures. The lamp features an elongated shade that focuses the light. The white finish on the interior of the shade softens the light’s glow to make work areas look and feel more comfortable and relaxed. Crafted to last, the AJ Table Lamp features a steel shade and stem along with a die cast zinc base with an integrated switch. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular AJ collection, Louis Poulsen has launched the lamp series in a range of colors that put the iconic lamp in a new light.

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Amuleto Table Lamp

This vibrant desk lamp has a great story behind its imaginative appearance. Designer Alessandro Mendini came up with the idea for the lamp while explaining the concept of light to his grandson. Hence, the bright colors and playful three-ring design that represents the Sun, Earth, and Moon. Named “Amuleto” which translates to “lucky charm”, the lamp aims to bring good luck and to provide a safe lighting solution. The light doesn’t produce harmful UV or IR radiation and it’s specially designed have a minimal effect on the health of your eyes. On the yellow halo, or the Sun, Amuleto features 51 dimmable LEDs that illuminate desk areas with a flicker-free light. The adjustable mechanism allows the user to re-position the light as needed. A perfect choice to brighten a work space, in more ways than one.


FLOS Snoopy Table Lamp

Designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1967, the iconic FLOS Snoopy Table Lamp blends playful Italian design and refinement. This modern desk lamp features a distinctive shade silhouette with a curved form that reminds of the beloved fictional character. Made from metal, the shade boasts an enameled surface with a glossy finish. A cylindrical base made of Italian white Carrara marble anchors the design and gives the lamp a weighty feel. The base also features an integrated on/off touch dimmer sensor, allowing the user to easily adjust the light.

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FLOS Tab Table Lamp

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby designed the FLOS Tab Table Lamp in 2011, bringing a minimalist industrial style into home offices. Simple and modern, the lamp has a round base, slender stem, and a creatively designed shade. It’s the best desk lamp for home office rooms and other compact, work-focused areas. The die cast aluminum build boasts a black or a white paint finish, to blend into any décor. A multi-LED ceramic diffuser eliminates the multi shadow effect and distributes the light evenly across your desk. Thanks to the adjustable shade design, you can move the head of the lamp in a 45° rotation to suit your needs.

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Blu Dot Bub Table Lamp

If you love imaginative designs, the Blu Dot Bub Table Lamp may be the ideal modern desk lamp for your home office. The design highlights Blu Dot’s desire to explore essential forms and use minimal components to create something special. Artistic and eye-catching, this elegant table lamp offers a playful twist on the classic shade and light bulb design. Here, the bulb “pierces” the glass and remains entirely visible, not hidden by a shade. The hand-blown brown glass has an olive tint that softens and warms up the light. Safe to say, this table lamp doubles as a decorative object, whether it’s in use or not.

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Artemide Nesso Table Lamp

Designed by Giancarlo Mattioli for Artemide, this award-winning modern desk lamp from the 1960s has been included in the permanent collections of several renowned museums, including MoMA. The iconic Artemide Nesso Table Lamp is a must-have for design aficionados who love retro designs. It features the instantly recognizable silhouette that adds a bold accent to any work space while also providing diffuse lighting. The best desk lamp for home office areas that require an eye-catching design object, the Nesso Table Lamp features an injection-moulded ABS resin build with a glossy finish. Available in the original colors of White and Orange.

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Onefortythree Tripod Desk Lamp

Designed as an homage to Gretta M. Grossman’s Grasshopper floor lamp from the late 1940s, the Onefortythree Tripod Desk Lamp is quirky and bold as well as playful and sculptural. The imaginative design features a clever twist on the standard tripod base: a curved bar intersects with an angled stem to provide perfect support to the light. Hand-crafted with care, the lamp has a hand-bent and welded steel frame with a durable powder-coated finish. The design comes with or without a shade. Fun details include the addition of a brass ball foot and a cloth twisted cord. Each lamp is made to order. Color options include mint green and red as well as classic black and white, while the hardware comes in either brass or nickel.

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