The perfected F/AR bicycle now comes with a rage of cutting-edge features.

Completed after 18 months of development and extensive testing, the 2021 version of the Fara F/AR bicycle offers a wide range of upgrades over the original model. Oslo-based Fara Cycling designed the bicycle as “the ultimate adventure weapon for mixed-surface riding”, drawing inspiration from the thousands of square kilometers of woodland that surrounds the Norwegian city. Named simply 2021 Fara F/AR, this bike comes with several cutting edge features that set it apart from both its predecessor and its competitors. The Gen-2 modern bike frame boasts an innovative strapless attachment system for backpacking bags. Developed in collaboration with leading bag manufacturer Roswheel, the Integrated Baggage System also features built-in Fidlock fasteners. As a result, the user can attach or remove bags in seconds.

Furthermore, the frame comes with four bottle cage mounts and triple mounts on the fork legs. Hidden fender mounts at the front and rear also double as rack light mounts. Designed to enhance comfort, the 27.2 mm round seat post is versatile; it also features an external clamp that eliminates slippage. The flexibility of the design is evident in other features. The BB386 Press-fit Bottom Bracket allows the user to install any standard cranks, while the versatile clearance ensures that the bike works well with tires of 32 mm and up to 38 mm. Curved seat stays with improved vertical compliance provide more comfort while riding, especially when paired with wider tires.

The ingenious S-Box Headset System from Token Products keeps the cabling inside the frame for a clean and minimalist cockpit. This feature allows the user to freely rotate the handlebars and also opens up the option to use various cockpit set-ups. Full-length outer housing keeps cables hidden from sight and protected against mud or the elements at the same time. Available for pre-order, the Fara F/AR bicycle will go into production from mid-May. The first customers will also have the chance to grab a limited-edition design or a set of free bags. Photographs© Fara Cycling.

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