February is considered the month of love, so for this year’s first giveaway we thought about adding a twist to the usual celebrations by putting nature and great design in the spotlight. There’s no denying that we love good design, art and everything that relates to nature and the outdoors, from simple and elegant designs to modern yet organic products. We have gathered a varied and truly beautiful selection of six prizes, all up for grabs and ready to go to someone who will truly appreciate their aesthetic and utilitarian features. These six prizes have a total value of over $1400 – to enter the giveaway, simply use the widget located at the end of the article. But first, let’s go through the prizes.


The sixth prize is one copy of the fascinating book Arctica: The Vanishing North. Created by Sebastian Copeland, the book illustrates in striking detail the plight of a frozen land where the first signs of global warming have started to change the landscape with tragic consequences. A talented photographer, Copeland presents a breathtaking portrait of this land of ice, but as an activist, he also aims to pave a way towards meaningful action. With a foreword by Sir Richard Branson and texts written by various scientists and public figures deeply involved in the fight against climate change, Arctica is a must-read. The book retails for $125.


On the fifth place, the Merino Hooded Pullover from Olivers lets you explore the outdoors and look stylish at the same time. Made from 100% Merino wool, the pullover provides warmth and regulates moisture, for an ultra-comfortable wearing experience. Various details add more style to the design, from the beautifully tailored fit and the contoured sleeves to the internal collar added beneath the hood. Available in gunmetal, navy and frost, this hooded pullover retails for $148.


The Carpenter Watch from Analog Watch Co. is the fourth prize. It’s a unique and sophisticated unisex piece that is just as much a sculpture as it is a stylish device that shows the passage of time. As an homage to nature, it’s made using a high standard of craftsmanship and natural wood: maple for the watch and a flexible strap made from lumbar offcuts. The Silverheart & Maple design also boasts silver details and minimal branding, to let the beauty of nature shine through. The precise Japanese quartz movement and the high quality materials ensure that this work of art will stand the test of time. It retails for $149.99 but you have a chance to get it for free by using the widget below to enter the giveaway.


Perfect for keen and amateur cyclists in equal measure, the Cactus Tongue SSL Wall Mounted Bike Hanger brings a touch of contemporary style and innovation to replace outdated bike storage solutions. It’s our third prize and it retails for $190. Designed and made in the UK, the bike hanger features a simple and clever construction, with a curved stainless steel body and nut brown leather contact pads that protect the surface of a bike’s handlebar or top tube. Easy to install, the hanger can be placed horizontally or vertically, to suit any requirement. It’s a perfect way to store bikes and to put them on display at the same time.


The second prize is a set of very special headphones that combine classic craftsmanship and modern technology in a simply beautiful design. Designed by Antonio Meze, the 99 Classics Wood Headphones feature walnut ear cups made from sustainable sources, soft memory foam covered in PU leather, and elegant gold details. Each pair takes 45 days to make, as every single piece is assembled by hand using just nuts and bolts. Inspired by nature, the headphones almost seem to encourage you to listen to your favorite music while enjoying a walk on the beach or while watching white clouds rush across a blue sky in an urban park. These Meze headphones retail for $310, and we offer you the chance to win the stunning black and gold version.


For the first prize, we’re proud to offer a beautiful coat with an authentic marine style. It comes from Helly Hansen, a leading sailing brand with a Scandinavian heritage and a penchant for creating designs that blend functionality with durability. Made for harsh weather, brisk winds and wet conditions, the coat also boasts a stylish design to suit any urban environment. The duffel buckles are made with Italian dynema rope and anodized aluminum pins, beautifully mimicking the ‘soft shackles’ in sail rigs. Weather and waterproof, the coat features a custom laminated canvas that is both insulating and breathable. The Ask Canvas Duffel Coat retails for $650, and we give the winner a choice between two colors: red and navy.


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