The classic insulation series, upgraded with sustainable fabrics.

Founded in 1958 by accomplished mountaineer Yukio Yamai, Japanese brand Snow Peak has been making innovative outdoor products for more than 60 years. The company entered the US market in 1999; since then, it opened stores in Portland and NYC, becoming known not only as a leading manufacturer of lightweight, titanium-reinforced products for backpacking and hiking, but also as an apparel, home and lifestyle brand. The Snow Peak FW20 collection re-imagines the company’s original insulation line with sustainable materials. Named Flexible Insulated, the range updates the first series with a recycled nylon ripstop fabric.

More than just a sustainable textile, the material features a DWR coating that makes it water-repellent and windproof. Recycled down insulation enhances comfort further. Perfect for the colder months, the lightweight and ultra-warm collection also features details that improve flexibility and user movement – a must for outdoor enthusiasts. Apart from the stretch elastic fabric, the products also feature stretchable stitching and anti static lining. The Flexible Insulated collection comprises a pullover, tunic pullover, cardigan, shirt, pants, and a shroud. Customers can choose between black, beige, khaki colors. Patterned versions in black and white are also available for some of the products. Available now in the brand’s online store and at Snow Peak retailers, the Flexible Insulation line’s prices start at $215. Available at End.