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A modern bike designed with a clean, U-shaped frame.

Designed in a collaboration between GK Kyoto Inc. and GK Design Soken Hiroshima Inc., Fore_ is a special bike that brings minimalist style to urban streets. The bicycle focuses on accessibility and versatility. As a result, the frame has a U-shaped frame that reminds of scooters. This distinctive design allows anyone, even users who wear skirts or dresses, to ride in complete comfort. Furthermore, the minimalist aesthetic complements any environment and outfit. Made with a chainless design, FORE_ minimizes maintenance while ensuring that the user doesn’t have to worry about getting oily stains on clothing.

The lack of a chain also enhances the minimalist look of the design, along with the silver finish contrasted by the black tires, seat, and handlebars. A “bicycle for everyone”, FORE_ complements its clean look with a specially designed frame that maximizes usability and safety. Finally, the bike features durable materials that stand up to the test of time. Manufactured by Osaka-based company NKC Nakanishi Metal Works Co. Ltd, this modern bicycle comes with a durable aluminum frame, shaft-drive technology, and magnesium wheels. The FORE_ bicycle has received the prestigious iF Design Award 2021 in the category Product Design. Photography© GK Kyoto Inc. and GK Design Soken Hiroshima Inc.


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