Few pieces of furniture can add more visual impact to a living space than hanging lounge chairs. While designed with comfort in mind, these chairs also make a style statement. Whether minimalist or crafted with complementing materials and multi-color palettes, hanging swing chairs can create a focal point in any room. On this page, you can find an array of designs that are as creative as they are relaxing. From ultra-simple designs inspired by geometry to whimsy chairs with mesmerizing upholstery designs or cocoons that welcome you in with plush interiors, these hanging chairs provide the perfect solution to create the ultimate lounge space in your home.

Before buying a hanging chair, there are a few things you should know. Here are some of the more common questions that may come up during your quest to find the ideal lounge chair.

Can my ceiling support a hanging chair?

One of the most important things regarding hanging lounge chairs is the installation process. And that begins with an assessment of your home’s ceilings to find the right place for a mounted system. Not all ceilings are the same when it comes to hanging chairs. For example, plaster ceilings can’t hold the weight of the chair. To install a hanging lounge chair, swing, or hammock, you need to locate one or more ceiling joists. Read the product’s description carefully to find out the chair’s weight as well as its capacity. A joist of at least 2’’ x 6’’ should be enough to support the chair and the weight of the person using it. Hanging lounge chairs can also be installed on sturdy wooden beams. For more peace of mind, get in touch with a specialist who can assess the strength of the ceiling and the best way to install the chair.

Are hanging chairs dangerous?

As long as the installation system is sound and the ceiling can support both the weight of the chair and the maximum weight the design allows, a hanging chair is not dangerous. Make sure that the hardware is high-quality and that the chair is installed by a specialist – if the installation method is more complex. For safety, make sure that the hanging chair has enough room to move or swing without touching other pieces of furniture, objects, or windows. Installing the chair lower may also make it safer, but keep in mind that some hanging chairs stretch out slightly over time and may require re-adjustment. Finally, a hanging chair with a stand provides a safer alternative to a ceiling-mounted design.

What is a hanging egg chair?

A hanging egg chair has a distinctive shape that embraces the user in a half-cocoon. Introduced in the 1960s by designers Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel, the egg-shaped hanging lounge chair took the world of furniture design by storm. Today, it is still one of the most popular swing and hanging chair shapes, with many stylish options available. This simple design is timeless and versatile, as it easily complements any interiors, from classic to modern and everything in between.

Can you install a hanging chair outside?

It depends on the materials used to craft the chair. Some designs suit outdoor use, while others are suitable for covered outdoor areas only. Treated metal or powder-coated steel frames are usually safe to use outside. Leather and wood may be safe for sheltered porches and terraces, depending on the finish. If you don’t have a sturdy ceiling or roof area where you can install the chair, designs with bases are a perfect option for outdoor spaces. Enhance comfort with weatherproof cushions.

How do you style a hanging chair?

Adding cushions or blankets to a hanging char not only improves comfort, but also enhances the design visually. For minimalist chairs, you can go for bolder patterns that add either a pop of color or texture to simple frames. For intricate design, use neutral colors and simple, monochrome fabrics. Creating a strong color contrast can make the hanging lounge chair stand out even more, while keeping the palette light and neutral can help you create a more relaxed, tranquil space.


The Swing Chair

A high-end design with opulent details.

Designed by celebrated designer Patricia Urquiola for Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection, the Swing Chair is one of the most stylish hanging lounge chairs you can buy. The design draws inspiration from the shape of a handbag and features two leather-covered metallic handles that hold a woven mesh seat. Gold-plated hooks add a glamorous finishing touch to the design. The Swing Chair comes in two versions. While one features a chocolate leather cord woven seat, yellow leather cushion, and black leather finishes, the other comes with a beige polyurethane cord seat, a darker leather cushion, and natural leather on the rings. Safe to say, any version will create a refined focal point in a room.


A lounge chair in the shape of a birdcage.

Dutch design studio Ontwerpduo often creates products with a surprising twist. Their Cageling hanging lounge chair is no exception. Inspired by the shape of a birdcage, the chair aims to provide a shelter-like space where the user can relax completely and feel protected from the surroundings. However, unlike a real birdcage, this design is open. Made from coated steel with a weatherproof finish, Cageling suits both indoor and outdoor use. Cushions crafted with an industrial felt material ensure that this hanging lounge chair is as comfortable as possible. The studio offers this design in turquoise, but customers can also order it in a custom color.

Balloon Bench

A dreamy design inspired by a 1953 French movie.

With the Balloon Bench, Japanese studio h220430 wanted to convey the feeling of floating in mid-air. Drawing inspiration from the French movie, “Le Ballon Rouge”(1953), the studio designed the hanging lounge chair with two clusters of balloons that seem to hold the red leather bench. To achieve this feat, the designers concealed ceiling anchor points among clusters of fiber-reinforced plastic balloons. Aluminum cords that resemble balloon strings hold the bench suspended above the floor. For maximum visual impact, the studio used a red and terracotta palette that makes Balloon Bench pop – even more – in any interior.

The Series 7™ Swing Chair

An iconic design, re-imagined for charity.

Created in 2005 by designer Fritz Hansen, the Louis Vuitton Series 7™ Swing Chair is a special addition to our list of hanging lounge chairs – for several reasons. The chair re-imagines an Arne Jacobsen design (the iconic Model 3107 from 1955) and features a saddle-like seat and backrest made of a single piece of brown leather. White woven rope and golden details complete the simple and elegant design. While one of a kind, the chair is part of a series of six created by Fritz Hansen in collaboration with international companies to benefit the Danish AIDS Foundation. This particular lounge chair sold at auction with a final price tag of $18,000.


A swing chair inspired by countryside living.

Designed by Decarvalho Atelier for Bossa Furniture, the Sela (“saddle”) swing lounge chair looks to the countryside for inspiration. The design reminds of the shape of a saddle and also features a leather construction. A cylindrical backrest provides comfortable support, along with the narrow armrests. Apart from the leather seat, Sela also features a brass and carbon steel structure. The braided leather rope allows the user to easily adjust the height of this hanging lounge chair as needed. The Sela swing chair is made with light or darker brown leather, with prices available upon request.


A hanging lounge chair with an organic design.

Award-wining industrial designer Stephen Burks created KIDA with an organic design that reinvents the classic hanging chair. At the same time, the chair blends traditional craftsmanship and elegance in a design that maximizes comfort. Unlike other products from DEDON that feature woven structures, KIDA features hand-wrapped strips of material over a powder-coated aluminum frame. The rounded form of the hanging lounge chair makes the user feel sheltered inside a cocoon, while the plush cushions guarantee ultimate seating comfort. Handmade by skilled artisans, this chair features 834 meters of the brand’s custom Fiber Touch fabric in three multi-color palettes. Plus, KIDA suits both indoor and outdoor use.

Bubble Chair Hanging

The hanging version of the iconic 1968 chair.

Originally designed in 1968 by Eero Aarnio, the Bubble Chair became an icon of the modernist design era and perhaps the most recognizable hanging chair design. This hanging version is the perfect addition to a modern living space. Airy and light, the chair has a shell made of transparent acrylic. A ceiling-mounted chain that measures 82″ in length connects to the stainless steel frame, suspending Bubble above the ground. As a result, the users feels like they’re floating when lounging in the chair. Multi-density foam cushions designed with glossy silver upholstery provide extra comfort while adding a stylish accent to the design. Bubble also comes in a stand version.

Maia Egg Swing

A stylish hanging lounge chair designed with a braided frame.

Another design created by Patricia Urquiola, the Eero Aarnio chair from Kettal combines comfort and style. The chair features a lightweight aluminum frame and a braided structure that creates a sheltered egg-shaped space for lounging. Three cushions ensure optimal comfort. Available in different color combinations, with customers able to choose the frame and cushion colors and finishes, the Maia Egg Swing will look at home in any space. Thanks to the quality, weather-resistant materials, these hanging lounge chairs are suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Like other products from our list, Maia also comes in a floor version with a supporting base.

Hanging Egg Chair

A renowned design from the 1950s.

The original egg-shaped lounging chair, the Hanging Chair Egg was designed by Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel in 1959. The chair features the distinctive “egg” silhouette that embraces the user and creates a more secluded lounge space. Produced by Danish furniture company Sika Design and Yamakawa (for the Japanese market), the chair has a beautifully crafted rattan build with a finely woven pattern. The handmade chair comes in indoor and outdoor versions, with a hanging chain or a supporting metal floor stand. Both the indoor and the outdoor options come in a natural or black version with an included seat cushion. Customers can select the upholstery color from a wide range of options that include white, black, gray, and beige as well as light blue or dark taupe.

Cocoon Hanging Chair

An innovative design made from volcanic lava.

All of the hanging lounge chairs from our list are creative and stylish, but this design from Maffam Freeform is truly one of a kind. Made from Basaltic lava, the chair is extremely durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. To create these cutting-edge chairs, the company used Basalt fibers and eco-resin to create a composite material that is lightweight but rivals fiberglass in strength and durability. Every lounge chair is entirely handmade with a special weaving technique that creates a filigree-like pattern. As a result, no two Manu Nest/Cocoon Hanging Chairs are the same.

Rattan Hanging Bowl Chair

A simple hanging lounge chair made of rattan.

Part of the HKliving collection, the Rattan Hanging Bowl Chair has a simple half-sphere shape. This version boasts a versatile black finish, which means that it will complement any space and existing color palette. Hand-braided from rattan, each lounge chair is one of a kind. Since rattan is a natural material, it may develop small cracks over time, but they don’t affect the quality of the build. A suspension spring and chain with a silver gray finish allow the user to hang the lounge chair in a living space indoors. When installed, the chair can support a weight of maximum 220 lbs. A natural rattan version in a lighter color is also available from the Dutch brand.

Hanging Hoop Chair

A sculptural design.

Award-winning designer Lee Broom has a background in fashion design and it clearly shows in the sculptural lines and elegant sophistication of the Hanging Hoop Chair. One of the most chic hanging lounge chairs you can buy, this design combines simple circular lines and rounded forms in an eye-catching piece of furniture. The chair features two brass-plated steel hoops joined at the base. The smaller one leans backwards to allow the user to relax in a comfortable lounging position. Upholstered in Kvadrat wool, the seat and backrest provide excellent support while also adding a pop of color or bold contrast to the golden hoops.

Nautica Swing Chair

A modern chair inspired by tradition.

Designed by multidisciplinary studio MUT Design for Spanish brand Expormim, the Nautica Swing Chair draws inspiration from both the company’s heritage and the Mediterranean tradition of using rattan to craft furniture. Stylish and compact, the chair features curved lines in an eye-catching pattern. Like other products from the Expormim collection, this hanging lounge chairs offers a modern take on rustic rattan chairs. It features a peeled and tinted natural rattan structure completed with a three-step coating process. As a result, Nautica is highly resistant to UV radiation and keeps its color over time. The cushions come in a range of materials, from natural leather and faux leather to virgin wool or velvet.


A wide and cozy hanging lounge chair.

Designed by E. Van Vliet, Swing is wider than other hanging lounge chairs from our list. This means that it provides even more space to lounge in or can be used by two people. Crafted from ash wood, the lounge chair has a light, natural color and a matte acrylic wax finish. Dark dyed ash wood or gloss varnished aluminum versions are also available. The removable seat pad and cushion come in a range of materials and colors, which means that one can easily customize the design to suit a specific space. Stainless steel cables covered with a braided material along with clamps and hooks offer an easy way to hang this chair onto a beam or a ceiling. While the wood frame is treated for outdoor settings, this lounge chair should only be used in a protected area that is safe from the elements.


Bold graphic patterns in a comfortable chair.

South Africa-based Studio Stirling makes hanging lounge chairs, swings, and daybeds with bold designs inspired by nature or abstract patterns. The Bubble series of hanging lounge chairs exemplifies this perfectly. Made by hand from steel, the chairs feature simple line patterns in different combinations. The chairs come in different colors with matching suspension cords. Perfectly rounded for extra comfort, Bubble can be used with several cushions. Each chair is handmade to order with at least eight weeks needed for manufacturing. Apart from classic black and white versions, customers can also order bright colors like azure, hot pink, gold, or green.


A sleek chair design.

Another design from Studio Stirling, Sling strikes a sleek figure with a light tubular frame and a sheet of leather that hangs loose to enhance seating comfort. Like other hanging lounge chairs designed and made by the South African company, this product is handmade with care by skilled artisans. Sling features a steel or aluminum frame that provides support for a hand-stained or double-layered leather seat. A tubular headrest enhances comfort further. While the frame comes in a matte black finish, the leather can have a wide range of colors, from natural to muted purple or silver. Sling suits indoor and covered outdoor spaces.

The Amble Hanging Seat

A bent ash wood lounge chair.

If you like the way wood furniture looks and feels, you’ll probably fall in love with the Amble Hanging Seat. Designed and made by Tom Raffield, this elegant lounge chair features a steam-bent ash wood frame assembled by hand. The wood is sustainably sourced, while the finish is an eco-friendly, natural oil blend with a matte finish. Stylish and versatile, the chair features beautiful curves that give the design a sculptural look, whether admired from the front or the side. The user can add cushions or a blanket to create the ultimate lounging chair in an indoor or a covered outdoor living space.

Hanging Ovis AVO Edition

A modern take on the classic sling chair.

Created in a collaboration between the Seattle and Brooklyn-based Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and AVO, Hanging Ovis AVO Edition is as stylish as it is comfortable. The hanging lounge chair features a whitened maple and metal frame that supports a leather sling completed with a hand-painted pattern by AVO. Sturdy rope holds the chair suspended above the floor, making the user feel like floating in the room. The leather will age gracefully over time with use and exposure to sunlight, giving more character to the design. Made in the USA by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, the Hanging Ovis AVO Edition chair comes with either brass or copper frames and with tan or dark brown leather slings.

The Leya Swing Seat

An extra-cozy lounge chair with striking upholstery.

Designed and crafted by German brand FREIFRAU, the Leya Swimg Chair brings a touch of whimsy into living spaces. Hanging by two sturdy ropes from the ceiling, the lounge chair swings back and forth to immerse the user in a state of complete relaxation and carefree happiness reminiscent of childhood. Beautifully crafted, the chair features a hard shell with a plush interior.  The chair comes with fabric or leather upholstery. For the Leya series, the studio offers the Oasis-Gobelin fabric with a design created by tattoo artist Christian Trzaska and made by Belgian company Meisterwerke. While the interior boasts a velvety material, the exterior draws you in with a fairy tale-like illustration of goblins hiding among peacocks.

The Circle Swing

A minimalist take on hanging lounge chairs.

Perhaps the most minimalist design on our list, the Circle Swing series by Iwona Kosicka Design Studio features a simple round shape. Molded from oak plywood, the frame boasts a natural linseed finish that lets the textures and colors of the wood to shine through. Customers can also choose a lighter version or between matte painted options – either in vibrant colors or black, white, and gray hues. This hanging lounge chair is suitable for indoor spaces only and comes with a stainless steel mount with carabiner hole. The Polish brand ships the chair throughout the world, from Europe (free) to the US, Canada, Australia, and Asia.

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