The KIDA Hanging Lounge Chair

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An organic design that maximizes both comfort and style.

Founded in 1990, Germany-based furniture brand DEDON introduced woven outdoor furniture to the world. Made by master artisans in the Philippines with hand-woven synthetic fibers, the company’s first chairs blended traditional craftsmanship, modern technology, and high-end design. Over the years, the brand has collaborated with well-known designers to create stylish furniture for outdoor spaces. Among them, award-wining industrial designer Stephen Burks, who has designed several collections for the brand. One of this latest designs is KIDA. In a break from the company’s signature woven style, the KIDA hanging lounge chair features hand-wrapped strips of material over a powder-coated aluminum frame.

The chair has an organic silhouette that looks at home in any outdoor space but the shape also maximizes comfort. A plush cushion covers the whole seating area, enhancing the feeling of comfort further. Lightweight but sturdy, KIDA features an aluminum structure with a rounded form. Wrapped over it, 834 meters of DEDON’s custom Fiber Touch material give a soft, tactile feel to the design. The fabric comes in three striped colorways. Glow Touch boasts a multi-colored palette, while Ease Touch and Dusk Touch feature light and dark gray hues. The large cushions provide both seat and headrest support; they come in matching colors that complement the wrapped frame.

KIDA comes in two versions; one with an optional base and the other with a hanging kit that allows the user to suspend the chair from a beam or any other secure place. Every chair is carefully handmade, with the wrapping process alone taking 38 hours. Perfect for lounging, the chair suits any space, whether indoors or outdoors. Photography© DEDON.

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