A minimalist collection that offers an unconventional take on classic porcelain tableware.

Award-winning Dutch designer Aldo Bakker creates idiosyncratic designs that defy convention and often re-write the interactions between users and objects. Whether organic and flowing or rigid and angular, his work is always imaginative and unconventional. The Harvey Series is no exception. At a glance, the collection appears made from colored concrete or powder-coated metal. However, each piece is beautifully crafted from fine porcelain, marking a new chapter in the (long) history of Dutch earthenware. The designer created the series for Dutch brand Thomas Eyck (t.e.), with the manufacturing stage also taking place in the Netherlands, in Amersfoort. The Harvey series revamps the traditional porcelain tableware as a refined object with a distinct contemporary edge.

Rounded forms and sculptural elements come together in a collection that is both minimalist and bold. Crafted by Studio Zand from porcelain, the series features a warm anthracite finish with a dense surface and hand polishing that gives each product a subtle shine. The Harvey range consists of two carafes, a tray, cups, and a candle stand. Blending form and function, the products feature practical designs. For example, the cups stack neatly to occupy minimal storage space. The stackable design also makes the cups easier to carry.

Likewise, the candle stand is as convenient as it is elegantly simple. While it appears as a plain, rounded support, it actually features a multi-tier interior that accommodates the three most popular and common candle sizes. The tray has a high edge and can hold seven of the Harvey small cups with ease. Finally, the carafes come with handy lids and one of them comes in a set with an included cup. Minimalist and practical, the Harvey Series offers an elegant solution to serve coffee or tea. Discover the entire collection in the Gessato Design Store. Photographs© Thomas Eyck.

Harvey Series

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