A fascinating archive of the products made from one industrial farm-raised animal.

Rotterdam-based artist and designer Christien Meindertsma investigates and documents the life-cycle of products and raw materials in her work. Sustainability, the relationship between raw materials and consumer, and modern production methods are central to her designs and art installations. As part of the Flax Project, she has created both the Flax Chair and Pigeon Service series; these designs use flax seeds in different way to explore more eco-friendly solutions for local manufacturing. In Checked Baggage, Meindertsma recorded the 3267 items confiscated at security checkpoints at Schiphol Airport during a week. Likewise, for Pig 05049, she put together a meticulous record of a series of items, revealing a fascinating aspect of industrial animal farming. The book takes its name from a pig that was raised on a commercial farm in the Netherlands.

Using clear and straight-forward images, the designer chronicles every product made from the raw materials provided by that single animal. The photos are intentionally emotionless and clinical, as the book doesn’t try to open a conversation about animal welfare, but aims to uncover information about modern industrial farming. More specifically, how different industries use these materials in the production of food products as well as everyday items and industrial components. In her quest to create the book, the designer discovered 185 items made using the raw materials from pig 05049.

Apart from the expected items like pork chops and bacon, the book also shows objects like ammunition, train brakes, bone china, and washing powder. Meindertsma organized each product by body part, painting a captivating image of the commercial farming industry. To create the book, Christien Meindertsma collaborated with graphic designer Julie Joliat. Currently in its 5th edition, Pig 05049 has received a 2008 Dutch Design Award and an Index award in 2009. Photographs© Christien Meindertsma.

Pig 05049

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