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Back in 1941, a small Swedish company launched the HK 7, a large format and handheld camera that used 80mm film and had two interchangeable lenses. Several years later, the Hasselblad name had become synonymous with quality and excellence in photography. Famous photographers used the company’s medium format cameras, including Ansel Adams, Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, or Diane Arbus. In 1969, one of the most iconic photographs of all time was taken by Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. using a Hasselblad 500EL/70. The Earth as seen from the surface of the moon became a part of history. The company is also known for the exclusivity of its products, as many systems have prices of around £20,000.

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Hassleblad has recently launched the X1D, the world’s first mirrorless medium format camera, priced at £5,900. It has a 50MP CMOS sensor, a 2.4MP electronic viewfinder, and a shutter speed ranging from 1/2000th to 60 minutes. X1D can capture up to 14 stops of dynamic range, which means images will have impressive quality and outstanding detail both in areas bathed in light and those hidden in shadows. Compact and portable, the camera weighs just 725g. It comes with a USB 3.0 port, GPS, Wi-Fi, and two dedicated lenses, 45mm and 90mm, both available at launch. By using an adapter, the X1D is also compatible with the 12 lenses and accessories from the professional H System range. Ultimately, the new camera gives a new generation of photographers the opportunity to use a medium format system to express their creativity, chronicle the world they live in, or maybe even shoot the iconic photographs of the future. Learn more about the specs at the official website, where you’ll find a list of retailers stocking the new X1D.

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