A glossy, sleeker version of the popular Mugr mug.

Taiwan-based brand HMM believes that everyone has the soul of an artisan. The name refers to “Human, Made, Method”, and perfectly captures the company’s ethos. The HMM collection comprises coffee ware and office accessories, but all products blend a minimalist aesthetic with excellent craftsmanship. Crafted from ceramic and wood, Mugr became one of the brand’s most popular designs, bringing a Nordic design flavor to the daily coffee or tea drinking ritual. Now, HMM has introduced a new version of the beloved mug. Named Mugr Cloud, this variant of the Scandinavian-style mug features a glossy surface and a light gray color.

To make this version, HMM uses quality ceramic and fires the material at 1290-degree Celsius. This process ensures that the mug has enhanced thermal shock stability and also minimizes water absorption. A glaze finish creates a lustrous surface, while a gray pigment enhances the elegantly simple design. Like the original Mugr, this version comes with a solid wood handle. HMM offers the option to choose between light beech wood or darker brown walnut wood, with each handle featuring unique textures, grain patterns and color variations. Crafted with function and longevity on mind, the Mugr Cloud mug can be placed in a refrigerator and is suitable to use with both hot and cold drinks. Finally, the smooth glaze makes the mug as easy to clean as possible. You can find the HMM Mugr Cloud mug in the Gessato Design Store. Images courtesy of HMM.

Mugr Cloud

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