For coffee lovers, few things come close to that first cup of joe in the morning. Maybe only the second cup later in the day. Black as night or softened with milk, from a favorite ceramic mug or a travel mug on the way to work. Coffee dreams, cup-size. In recent years, there’s been a growing demand for high-quality products, including coffee and related accessories. And local, small, family-owned companies, along with brands focused on artisanal production have certainly listened and stepped up to the challenge. The best among them offer collections of products crafted to the highest standard, with passion and an obsessive attention to detail,

Now one can easily find the kind of coffee dreams are made of, sourced from the best local producers, wherever they are around the world. Beans grown in countries like Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, or Indonesia. Roasted to perfection to develop their innate aroma and fill each cup with flavor notes that range from chocolate and caramel to citrus, cherry, or brown sugar. Artisanal products can reignite one’s love of coffee, every morning.

Yet apart from having access to the best coffee beans, coffee aficionados also need the right tools to complete the daily ritual. These include bean grinders, espresso machines and slow coffee makers as well as kettles, cups, mugs, and other accessories. Design lovers can find a wide range of gorgeous products that combine style and function. Featuring a Nordic aesthetic, Japanese minimalism, or Italian style. Ingenious details that make the coffee drinking ritual flow smoothly. State-of-the-art tools or rustic earthenware, all designed to celebrate the flavors of the coffee bean.

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