Introducing Hook, A Functional Wall Sconce And Hanger

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A multifunctional light fixture designed with a mid-century modern vibe.

Founded by designer Ryan Taylor, Canadian design firm Object/Interface creates beautiful, minimalist products with a practical, multifunctional design. The award-winning Babylon Light is a cool lamp as well as a practical planter. Refined and convenient, the firm’s Brass Rail is an adaptable shelving unit that is also made to last and to look gorgeous for many years, in any interior. The latest addition to the Object/Interface collection follows the same design principles, combining timeless elegance with function. Stylish and compact, the Hook light fixture complements its mid-century modern vibe with a multifunctional design. The wall sconce brightens interiors but also doubles as a hanger thanks to an integrated hook.

The user can easily install the minimalist light in an entrance hallway, kitchen, or dining room. The hook suits everything from coats and bags to kitchen towels, utensils, and other smaller items. Designed with a spherical opal glass diffuser, the wall sconce offers 180° illumination, brightening living spaces with a soft, warm light. The sand cast aluminum body has a black, powder-coated finish, while the hook comes in either uncoated brass or stained wood. As the brass has an uncoated surface, it will develop a beautiful patina over time and with use. Photographs© Object/Interface.

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