Beautifully crafted but affordable and versatile furniture designed to last.

Established by two stay-at-home dads who met and became friends after their first kids were born, Caramba is a Victoria, BC-based company that makes durable and versatile furniture. The two founders combined their love of good design with small business know-how to launch the brand. Their goal? To produce high-quality furniture that is both long-lasting and affordable. The Caramba collection includes a range of designs, all of them featuring a minimalist aesthetic that looks great anywhere. The range includes chairs, lounge chairs, stools, coffee tables, and side tables as well as wall hooks, hangers, trays, and magazine stands. The finishes range from natural to laminated; while the former provides a warm, understated look, the latter transforms cleaning spills into an easy task.

Made in Victoria, BC, all of the products from the Caramba furniture collection feature sustainably-sourced European plywood. Since they make every item in their workshop, Caramba can guarantee a high standard of quality while keeping lower production costs. Space-efficient and practical, the furniture also comes flat-packed with free shipping in Canada and the US. The user can easily assemble each product in a few easy steps with the included tool and hardware. Great on their own, the designs also make it easy to create a more coordinated look in a decor. The prices for the skillfully crafted Caramba furniture collection range from $59 for the wall hanger to $599 for the lounge chair and rocking chair. Photographs© Jon McMorran.


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