A creative take on classic candle holders.

Based in Barcelona, Swedish-born product and furniture designer Sanna Völker combines refined and raw elements throughout her work, creating a balance between contrasting textures, materials, and concepts. Her designs often draw inspiration from architecture and brutalism, as well as from natural materials and simple forms. The concept of human intervention in nature is also a recurrent theme throughout her product design projects. The Snug series exemplifies Sanna Völker’s distinctive style perfectly. Artistic and bold, the Snug stone candle holders pair divergent materials in a creative design that challenges convention.

Integrated in blocks of solid rock, two soft wax candles establish a dialogue between fragility and solidity. At the same time, the blocks of marble, limestone, and travertine boast polished and raw surfaces. The different textures change the feel of the design depending on the finish and the viewing angle. The three types of rock also give the stone candle holders different qualities. Handcrafted by the artisan stonemasons from Granits Barbany, the workshop that completed the sculptures for Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Snug series celebrates craftsmanship and tradition as well as contemporary design. Apart from working only with local artisans, the designer also makes sure that every block of rock comes from the leftover materials of a local quarry. Photographs© Sanna Völker.

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