A furniture and home accessories brand that embodies the spirit of contemporary Italian design.

The story of da a begins in Lecce, Salento, at the heel of Italy’s boot. Originally a manufacturer of metal machinery, the company has strong roots in the region’s agricultural traditions and industrial heritage. The switch to design – only a few years ago – came naturally for the firm. Named “da a”, which means “from – to” in Italian, the company’s new path represents an awakening of the Italian design scene. Metal still remains at the heart of the manufacturing process, but now it provides the skeleton for sophisticated furniture designs instead of complex machinery components. da a complements the cold iron and steel with ergonomic, warm designs that offer a visual and tactile user experience.

The company uses both traditional and cutting-edge techniques to create a foundation for inventive concepts, marrying industrial craftsmanship with design. In the da a Italia collection, form, materiality, and color become channels for dynamic expression. Made for indoor and outdoor settings, the brand’s furniture infuses spaces with the creativity and distinctive style of Italian design.

From industrial mass production to crafting high-end home furnishings.

Working with architects and designers, da a combines decades of metalwork experience with the artistry of Italian design. The manufacturing process previously used to create mechanical parts for heavy machinery now becomes a tool to bring the vision of accomplished designers to life. A celebration of traditional Italian workmanship, da a’s products translate welding and metal finishing techniques into refined designs. The company works primarily with iron, a metal embedded in Apulian tradition as well as an easily recyclable and sustainable material. Steel, leather, hand-braided technical cord, and lava stone finishes are some of the other materials used by the brand.

Designs inspired by the landscapes and history of Apulia.

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, at the center of many ancient trading routes, Apulia (Puglia) has been a cradle of different cultures and civilizations for centuries. The da a furniture collection acknowledges this heritage while also celebrating the landscapes of the region. From the green and blue hues of the sea to the yellow and purple colors of wild flowers, the brand’s color palette draws inspiration from the local setting. At the same time, Eastern and metropolitan influences along with specially developed finishes give a distinctive flavor to the da a aesthetic.

The company works with skilled craftspeople and laboratory technicians to develop exclusive surface treatments. Vibrant colors, chrome and metallic plating, smoking, combustion, and eye-catching textures complement Italian furniture design. These special finishes transform each piece of furniture into a work of art.

Creative furniture for indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Every da a design aims to tell a story, but the company’s collection also represents the ingenuity of contemporary Italian design. Reminiscent of metal sculptures, the da a chairs, armchairs, cabinets, stools, and tables become instant centerpieces in a room. Bold and imaginative, the designs also showcase the craftsmanship of every product. Furthermore, most of the brand’s collection is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The Teca cabinet boasts perforations that offer a view of the interior, while the Trame series of poufs features filigree patterns in metal. Reminiscent of architectural designs, the Urushi, Oh, Deframe, and Rubic tables come with intricate bases made using laser cutting techniques. The Stick series of wall-mounted cabinets feature metal rods and open shelves with LED lighting. A great example of da a’s technical know-how and playful style, the Rock and Tatoutina armchairs combine industrial design with colorful finishes and leather details. The Benna benches remind of industrial components, while the Incontro poufs resemble carved rocks thanks to their lava finishes. A nod to artistic expression, the Soul lounge chair has an aluminum build and a ribbon-like design.

Lighting and home accessories.

Apart from creative furniture, the da a collection also includes lighting and accessories. The lighting range comprises table, floor, and ceiling lamps, all of them designed with simple geometric shapes. The most minimalist, the Stick Lamp explores the purity of essential forms with a rod-like design. Likewise, the Band ceiling light and floor lamp have simple circular shades and rivet details. Finally, the Duende table lamp is the epitome of structural precision with a cylindrical base, T-shaped frame, and adjustable diffuser.

In the da a home accessories collection, practical designs double as art pieces. For example, room dividers and coat hangers look like metal sculptures; wall-mounted and freestanding mirrors feature inventive designs with technical cords and intricate compositions. Designed for gardens or indoor spaces, the Ring-O swing features two intersecting aluminum rings welded in a dynamic rounded form. Rounding up the collection, hand-loomed and hand-dyed artisan rugs feature eye-catching colors and abstract patterns. These designs add just the right amount of texture and spark to a room.

Minimalist or intricate, sculptural, distinctive, and always masterfully crafted, the da a Italia collection symbolizes a new design era. The range combines art and design with traditional craftsmanship and ground-breaking manufacturing techniques. And just like the classics created by icons like Gio Ponti or Ettore Sottsass, these products achieve something remarkable: they capture the real soul of Italian design. Photographs© da a Italia.

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