Artisan coffee made using small production methods and mindful practices.

Small, family-run companies put more heart and soul into their products. San Francisco-based Sightglass Coffee is a perfect example. Established in 2009 by two brothers, the company started off with a small service-cart, a vintage espresso machine, and a compact space in a 1914 warehouse. Thanks to the quality of their coffee, the brothers could quickly expand the business. Only two years later, they opened a roastery, coffee bar, and community gathering space on the same premises. Like the best artisan coffee brands, Sightglass Coffee puts a focus on quality and on the process of making the most of each coffee bean. Unlike many other companies, however, Sightglass also values employing mindful practices, showing the story behind the coffee, and offering coffee lovers a wide range of quality products to choose from.

Every product, whether single origin or a blend, comes to life through a meticulous process. First, the company sources the beans directly from origin, working with local farmers to find the right coffee beans. This hands-on approach allows the team to determine which variety of coffee best suits the brand. Roasting the beans in-house also provides complete control over the process; using small production methods, the company makes perfectly roasted artisan coffee that highlights the distinctive flavor profiles of each variety of coffee.

The Sightglass Coffee range includes single origin coffee, coffee blends, organic coffee, and even instant coffee. Customers can buy the coffee online or choose a subscription service to receive their favorite java regularly. The brand’s shop also includes coffee brewing tools, from coffee makers, kettles, and grinders to filters. Finally, the packaging is clean and simple; the country of origin, variety, and taste notes appear right where they belong: front and center. Photographs© Sightglass Coffee.

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