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A new age of iconic Finnish design.

A country with strong roots in traditional woodworking, Finland is also the home of many brands that have helped shape the world of contemporary design as we know it. Companies like Artek, Iittala, and Marimekko brought Finnish design onto the international stage with iconic products created by the likes of Alvar Aalto, Kaj Franck, or Arne Jacobsen. New company Made by Choice represents a new era of Finnish design, one that pays homage to the past and to the country’s illustrious heritage while offering an innovative twist on furniture design.

The brand is the brainchild of Lasse Laine, Sebastian Jansson and Niclas Ahlström. Sharing a common vision, the three founders created a value-driven company that draws inspiration from Finnish design heritage and the Nordic urban lifestyle to make distinctive furniture and home accessories.

The pursuit of Nordic happiness.

The Made by Choice collections explore new narratives via multidisciplinary design, but they ultimately share the same theme: Nordic happiness. Anchored in authenticity, simplicity, and sustainability, the Nordic style of living leads to high levels of happiness. Indeed, Nordic European countries score high on this metric, with studies continually finding that Nordic people are among the happiest in the world.

Imaginative designs made in a collaboration with talented designers and creative thinkers.

Whether inspired by Ernest Hemingway or by Finland and Spain’s diplomatic relations, the Made by Choice collections are highly creative. To bring each design to life, the brand collaborates with renowned Scandinavian designers, architects, interior designers, and imaginative creative thinkers. Creatives who have worked with the brand on bespoke projects include Thomas Sandell, Harri Koskinen, Katrin Olina, Saku Sysiö, Matti Klenell, Mikko Laakkonen, and Michael Yarinsky, to name a few. This is Finnish design with an imaginative twist.

The Made by Choice furniture collection.

Whether designed for a restaurant, hotel, or modern living space, the Made by Choice furniture has a bold, distinctive character. Creative design complements function, with products easily establishing focal points in a room. Sculptural forms and innovative combinations of materials ensure that these pieces of furniture surpass a merely utilitarian function and double as decorative accents.

In the Made by Choice range, design lovers can find an array of styles, from minimalist to playful and bold. Pops of bright color add even more impact to striking designs. However, even a simple oak chair can look one of a kind thanks to unexpected features.

For example, the Ernest series pays homage to Hemingway’s laconic writing style. These distinctive chairs, armchairs, and tables have a minimalist aesthetic with clean lines and strong right angles. The organic Sieni collection references fungal structures found in forests. Suitable for home, office, and hospitality settings, these pieces of furniture boast curved forms as well as striped textures. The Laulu chair boasts a CNC wood-milled backrest with perforations that take inspiration from hifi design. Originally designed for the Finnish Music Hall of Fame in Helsinki, the chair’s name of “laulu” means “song” in Finnish.

Designed for restaurants, some of the chairs in the Made by Choice collection are as elegant as they are comfortable. From the Kastu Dining Chair to the Nude hair and the Goma series, these designs feature eye-catching elements that make them stand out in any space.

The Made by Choice line also includes home accessories and other items. The designs range frm plinth-like or egg-shaped boxes to wooden animals and modular room dividers.

Tradition meets contemporary woodworking techniques and sustainability.

While celebrating traditional Finnish craftsmanship, Made by Choice uses contemporary woodworking techniques and modern technology to produce its furniture collection. In the company’s own factory in Salo, south-western Finland, skilled craftspeople bring each piece of furniture to life. Bold and innovative but also accessible thanks to their reasonable prices, the Made by Choice products represents the best of contemporary Finnish design.

Every design is made on demand, either for an interior design project or as a custom order. As a result, each beautifully crafted piece of wooden furniture always carries with it an individual story. Photographs© Made by Choice.

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