A stylish pen inspired by the golden ratio and the beauty of handwriting.

Believing that writing and sketching by hand on a piece of paper is an activity that is not only essential to the human experience but also an extension of what makes us human, Craighill made a special pen that is elegant and distinctive. The pen is creative as well as a pleasure to use. In a nod to Johannes Kepler, German astronomer, mathematician, astrologer, and discoverer of the laws of planetary motion, the brand named this stylish writing tool the Kepler Pen. The design takes inspiration from the golden ratio. Each pen features a wave-like pattern with ripples that move closer together as they reach the tip of the pen. The undulations also offer a comfortable grip while writing and sketching. Finally, the plunger features a spring mechanism that is smooth and satisfying to use.

Craighill always complements refined design with excellent craftsmanship, whether it’s a winding coat hanger that adds an artistic accent to a wall or a head-scratching puzzle that looks like a sculpture. The Kepler Pen is no exception. Precision-turned on a lathe to create the wave-like profile, the pen comes in three versions. Apart from golden brass and silver stainless steel, it also comes in stainless steel with a black PVD coating. All three versions of the pen take standard Schmidt 635 refills. Initially launched in a limited edition, the Kepler Pen is available in the Gessato Design Store. Photographs© Craighill.

Kepler Pen

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