An elegant take on the office chair design.

Believing that the standard office chair focuses only on ergonomics at the cost of design, Iratzoki & Lizaso partnered with furniture brand Alki to create an office chair that feels incredibly comfortable without looking like an orthopedic accessory. Two years later, Alki has finally introduced the design. Named Lan, this stylish office chair has armrests integrated in a curved backrest. As a result, it resembles a lounge chair instead of the classic office chairs that often have too many handles and complicated designs.

“We noticed that more and more people around us had less and less esteem for office chairs. The aesthetic codes for these chairs more closely resemble an «orthopaedic» tool than a cherished work companion. Moreover, most of the adjustment devices are only used very rarely. If, on top of that, one considers that in a good many cases, office chairs frequently change users, it seemed an interesting idea to get rid of its superfluous functions,” say the designers.

The studio hid the tilting mechanism under the seat, which means that Lan offers plenty of functionality but in an understated design. The curved shape of the backrest hugs the user and provides excellent support. Alki chose special materials that feel great to the touch and also give the chair a touch of refinement. While the seat and backrest feature textile upholstery, the back of the chair boasts a curved wood section. In terms of flexibility, Lan comes with an integrated, self-adjusting synchronous mechanism. This system alters the tension of the backrest depending on the user’s weight. The user can also tilt the backrest in three different positions. Thanks to its stylish design, Lan suits any workspace setting, whether at the office or at home. Photography© 

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