As more and more people start working from home, creating an efficient office space becomes increasingly more important. Working on the couch or at the dining table is a recipe for disaster – and back problems. Finding the best ergonomic office chair is crucial to making a workspace as comfortable as possible so you can work more efficiently and protect your health at the same time. Important features of a good task chair should include seat height adjustments and lumbar support as well as tilt mechanisms and practical swivel bases. Setting up a dedicated area for your work is also a great way to enhance concentration and structure your office hours. Our list of best office chair designs provides the perfect solution to find the ideal option for your needs.

We have put together a selection of ergonomic chairs that not only promote good posture and provide complete support, but also look gorgeous. Durable, practical, and flexible, these are the best office chair designs to create your perfect home office.


Flokk Giroflex 60

Specially designed for all-day comfort.

Created for workaholics and those who want to feel extra-relaxed while working, the Flokk Giroflex 60 chair provides seating comfort throughout the day. While engineered for 24-hour comfort, the chair is also made to handle the high demands of an office space. Giroflex 60 is robust, durable, and wear-resistant. It features contoured side bolsters that offer optimal support and a special, comfort upholstery. Giroflex 60 comes in two versions: one with foldable armrests and another with a height-adjustable and tilting headrest.


Sedus – Crossline

Sleek, sculptural, sophisticated

Sedus is a one of Europe’s leading office furniture manufacturers, which means that they know their stuff. The Red Dot Design Award 2009 winner Crossline chair is a great example. Designed by Markus Dörner and developed with the help of scientists and engineers, the chair has an innovative “Similar-Plus” mechanism that provides complete support. Both the seat and the backrest move with the user’s body to provide continuous spinal support and ensure an optimal posture. One of the best ergonomic office chair designs available, Crossline also offers various customization options. For example, it can become more or less flexible to adapt to working at a monitor or relaxing with a cup of coffee.


Sedus – se:joy

Wavy and curved to make work hours extra comfortable

The best office chair should provide seating comfort and also look great in your home. Like the Sedus se:joy chair. Created by Martin Ballendat, se:joy has a futuristic look and a curved silhouette that maximizes comfort and support. The one-piece design ensures excellent pressure distribution on the spine, without requiring any adjustments. The seat also tilts forward or backward as needed, while an adjustment lever allows the user to change the height of the seat with ease. Other features include an adaptable backrest, soft or hard casters, and a range of fabric and color options to customize the chair. Like Crossline, se:joy is an award-winning design. It has received the German Design Award 2018 and the Innovative Interior Award at the 2018 Iconic Awards.


ICF – Cloud

Airy and light, perfect for home offices

If you love Italian design, ICF Cloud may be the best office chair for your home workspace. Designed by Sottsass Associati, the chair is elegant and versatile as well as optimized for comfort. It features a height adjustable seat and conveniently removable lumbar support, and a reclining function. The armrests have a soft polyurethane surface for great support while working long hours. Other features include a durable die-cast aluminum frame, glides, casters, and a tilt lock mechanism. The base comes in polished, chromed, or black finishes, while the upholstery options range from leather and quality fabrics to breathable mesh.


That’s It

A lightweight and sculptural chair.

Created by Spanish studio Alegre Design for Italian brand Quinti, That’s It explores the art of subtlety in an elegant design. This ergonomic office chair has a wavy backrest made entirely from die-cast aluminum, resulting in a stylish as well as lightweight and comfortable executive chair. Specially designed to enhance comfort, the chair features aluminum backrests and a soft, cushioned seat with integrated mechanics and a synchro movement system. Finally, each That’s It chair comes to life through a manufacturing process that uses as little material as possible along with eco-friendly finishes


ICF – Pyla Mesh

Technology and cutting-edge design meets Italian style

A perfect balance between lightness and sturdiness, the Pyla Mesh chair from the ICF collection complements its classic style with an innovative build. It also has a larger size than standard office chairs, which means that it suits virtually any body shape. Like other products from the same brand, the Pyla Mesh chair is crafted with durability, comfort, and flexibility in mind. It has an aluminum frame, a synchro mechanism for full back support, and an adjustable lumbar support. The backrest features a mesh material that is both breathable and exceptionally strong. As the fabric stretches, it adapts to the user’s body to offer comfortable support. Apart from the seat depth adjustment, this chair also features 4D armrests the user can adjust in height, depth, width, and around their axis.


Okamura – Luce

Smart and flexible

Designed by renowned studio Giugiaro Design for OKAMURA, Luce is an ideal choice for a home office or meeting room. This chair actually uses Robot Leg technology that mimics the movement of a human leg from a jumping to a landing position. The design puts a focus on comfort, with the seat angled to reduce the pressure on the thighs and the lower back while seated. One of the best ergonomic office chair designs you can find, Luce allows you to adjust the angle of the seat and backrest separately, but each to maximum of 15 degrees. The mesh fabric features a higher density in the lumbar area for a firm support and a lower density on the upper back for extra comfort. Available with or without armrests, Luce also comes in colors that range from neutral to vibrant.


Okamura – Finora

Informed by Italian car design

Italdesign specializes in automotive design. Unsurprisingly, their office chair for OKAMURA leans on the creative side compared to standard ergonomic chairs. Dynamic and bold, Finora translates the lines of an Italian supercar into one of the most stylish office chairs you can buy. Finora has a streamlined design with a blend of clean lines and elegant curves. Like the best office chair designs, it features a range of adjustable elements, from the backrest and seat to the 4D armrests. As a result, this chair easily adapts to the user’s body shape and needs. The chair also features decorative panels in chrome, black, or white with a gloss finish that contrasts the matte surface of the fabric. The proprietary translucent mesh and upholstery fabric come in 14 colors, which means that Finora will complement any color scheme.


Wilkhahn – AT Mesh

Innovative and eco-friendly

If you want to buy the best ergonomic office chair, the AT Mesh chair from WILKHAHN may be the ideal choice. It’s designed with the cutting-edge Trimension® system that combines a self-centering suspension for the shell with an automatic weight adjustment. Apart from a height adjustment, you won’t have to change anything to experience total comfort. AT Mesh’s coordinated components will do all the work for you and adapt to your body in a seamless way. Various levers also allow you to adjust different features manually. This version of the award-winning AT design features a mesh backrest made with 80% recycled polyester. Which means that the chair has a low ecological footprint, but it maximizes both your well-being and comfort. Organic and elegant, the curved frame comes in black or white versions –  the latter adds a clean, modern look to office settings.


Tecno – Qualis

Tailored for style and comfort

For most design lovers, the best office chair would need to keep aesthetic refinement and comfort in balance. Qualis from the TECNO collection is an ideal example. Designed in 1991 by Emilio Ambasz, this elegant office chair has received the prestigious Compasso d’Oro award. From the first glance, it’s clear that this is not your standard office chair. For one, it features an upholstered seat and backrest completed with a beautiful attention to detail and sartorial excellence. A patented backrest pivot mechanism that seamlessly integrates with the armchair frame provides the flexibility one would expect from one of the best ergonomic office chair designs available. And the result? An office chair that looks stylish and offers long-lasting comfort. The company offers an array of customization options for Qualis, from adding casters to PVC armrests. Finally, the upholstery comes in either fabric or leather.


Arper – Kinesit Task

A minimalist beauty

Not all office chairs look mechanical or like simply utilitarian furniture. Take the Kinesit Task chair from ARPER, for example. Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, the chair is a minimalism lover’s dream. It features clean lines, simple forms, and subtle curves in the right places. Admiring the design, it comes as no surprise that Kinesit is an IF Gold Award winner. The best office chair should also provide durable comfort for long work sessions, on top of its good looks. Kinesit Task delivers with a 5-way swivel base, built-in self-tensioning weight response mechanism, 3-position recline backrest, and adjustable lumbar support. Options include using leather, fabric, or vegan-friendly faux leather for the backrest and seat. ARPER also offers the option to use the customer’s own materials to complete the chair. Dark or light colors enhance this clean design in different ways, along with the monochrome or dual-tone palette versions.


Vitra – Allstar

Unconventional and modern

Konstantin Grcic’s Allstar for VITRA instantly stands out from other office chairs with its unconventional design. Inspired by residential furniture, the chair has a familiar character and aims to create a home-like feel in office environments. The frame cleverly hides the functional features of your usual office chair, from the synchronized mechanism with easily lockable positions to the adjustable backrest, seat height, and seat depth controls. Creative and bold, the chair features a loop frame that supports the backrest and forms the armrests. This curved element is not just an aesthetic feature. It enables the separate movement of the backrest and seat while also transferring the load to the mechanical unit. Rounded cushions with an organic form complete the design and enhance the feeling of comfort.

In terms of colors and materials, Allstar offers a huge range of customization options. Customers can choose between leather, textured fabric, silk mesh and more, while the colors range from cream and light gray to lime green and brick red.


Vitra – AM Chair

Clean lines meet ergonomic design

The best ergonomic office chair for someone who loves minimalist design as much as they like working in complete comfort, the AM Chair from VITRA blends elegance and function. Designer Alberto Meda created the chair with a clean aesthetic, re-imagining the bulky office chair as a refined piece of furniture that can easily enhance a room’s décor. The AM Chair complements its elegant design with an expertly engineered build that melds technical features, comfort, and flexibility. It comes with a height-adjustable backrest, adjustable armrests, and a flexible seat height and depth. Translucent mesh panels combine with the slim frame to give the chair a graceful and light appearance. Casters on the five-star base allow the user to move the chair easily as needed. Like other products from our list, the VITRA AM Chair comes in a range of colors.


HÅG – Capisco

Creative and sculptural, perfect for higher desks

Part of the HÅG collection, the iconic Capisco chair is one of the brand’s most successful products. Designed by Peter Opsvik, the eye-catching Capisco is the best office chair for someone who loves bold designs with a playful twist. The chair features a creative saddle seat that allows the user to sit in new ways and at different heights, whether tilting forward, backward, or to the side. More dynamic than most office chairs, the adjustable saddle suits low, high, and half-stand working positions. Capisco offers fantastic freedom of movement and features an adjustable tilt tension, seat height and depth adjustments, an adjustable backrest, and a lockable seat. An optional headrest enhances comfort further, along with an optional foot support. Available in neutral and vibrant colors, the HÅG Capisco chair will create a focal point in any work space.


HÅG – SoFi

Simple, cozy, breathable

The HÅG SoFi chair proves that you can have smart functionality in a minimalist, clean design. One of the best office chair designs available, SoFi is stylish and versatile as well as comfortable. It features a tall and curved backrest along with HÅG’s Balance® technology and lumbar support system. Made with a mesh fabric, the backrest is breathable and ensure optimal ventilation while providing excellent support. At the same time, the mesh material gives the chair a light and airy look. Other features include an adjustable seat height and depth, but the user can also tilt forward or backwards. Suitable for any work environment, the SoFi mesh chair comes with a range of textile, color, and finish options. Optional armrests and a headrest are also available.


Knoll – Generation

A frameless backrest for unparalleled freedom of movement

The best ergonomic office chair offers ultimate comfort throughout the day and adapts to your needs automatically. Generation by Knoll exemplifies this perfectly. Designed with a cutting-edge, frameless Flex Back system, the chair offer unparalleled flexibility. The high-performance elastomer structure with a figure 8 design gives the user complete freedom of movement. The curvature of the backrest and the side-to-side flexibility complement the localized lumbar and shoulder support to provide superior comfort compared to standard office chairs. Plus, the seat can adjust on a 270 degree angle without the need for extra levers and it also has a 3’’ depth adjustment. Proving that it’s one of the best office chair designs you can buy, Generation features a dynamic suspension and a flexible backrest top that folds down to become an armrest for side sitting.


Steelcase – Series 2

An easily customizable office chair

Steelcase Series 2 is a great choice for anyone looking for the best ergonomic office chair with an easily customizable design. Customers can choose between an array of options to adapt the chair to their needs, from choosing the height to adding a headrest, footrest, or even a coat hanger. Fabric options for the Steelcase Series 2 include a range of materials with beautiful textures, patterns, and neutral colors, including several options from Kvadrat. The chair comes with a signature Air LiveBack® technology and a specially designed wave pattern to offer excellent support for the entire spine.

Height-adjustable lumbar support, 4D adjustable armrests, responsive back tension, and an adjustable seat enhance seating comfort further. The Series 2 chair comes with or without quilted upholstery.


Humanscale – Diffrient Smart

Smart and beautiful

Designed by Niels Diffrient for Humanscale, this is one of the best ergonomic office chair designs you can find. Diffrient Smart is as intelligent as it is stylish. It features an elegantly curved form and a linear design to looks at home in any interior. It also offers fantastic support thanks to the cutting-edge Form-Sensing Mesh Technology developed by Humanscale. Unlike other products from our selection, this chair doesn’t have any manual controls. Its ingenious design does all the work. Without a built-in mechanism, the tri-panel mesh backrest adapts to the body shape of the user to offer perfect support. The chair is weight-sensitive, which means that it automatically adjusts to each user and to different body movements and positions.


Humanscale – Freedom Headrest

Enjoy the freedom to work in complete comfort

One of the best ergonomic chair designs available, HUMANSCALE’s Freedom Headrest chair simplifies the traditionally complex adjustment mechanisms to adapt to the user’s movements automatically. Celebrated designer – and ergonomics pioneer – Niels Diffrient reimagined the classic task chair as elegant, practical, and incredibly comfortable seating for any work space. Freedom has a range of features that optimize comfort. The self-locking recline mechanisms adjusts automatically to the user using the laws of physics and the individual’s body weight. Attached to the backrest, the armrests move as the user reclines – in a synchronized motion. Finally, the articulating headrest supports the head and neck at all times. The Freedom Headrest chair comes with a huge range of options, from the four-way stretch or no-stretch textiles to box-stitched leather and various base finishes.


Herman Miller – Cosm

A subtly futuristic design

One of the more creative options from our list of best ergonomic office chair designs, the Cosm chair from the Herman Miller collection features an angular silhouette with a futuristic vibe. Safe to say, this is the kind of office chair that stands out in any room. However, Cosm is not just style without substance. It’s specially designed to maximize your seating comfort even for prolonged work sessions. The chair features a slender frame, an auto-harmonic tilt system that automatically adjusts to the user’s movements and posture, a breathable elastomeric material,  dynamic spinal support, and curved or leaf-shaped armrests. Plus, you can choose between three different chair heights for the one that best suits your needs and your workspace: low-back, mid-back, and high-back.


Herman Miller – Lino

Plush seat plus a breathable mesh back

Designed by London-based designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin for Herman Miller, Lino is the best office chair for those who love more minimalist products. Like some of the other chairs from our selection, this task chair keeps its functional features hidden in an elegant design. Lino features a curved backrest made with a light mesh fabric that is both durable and breathable. The plush, contoured seat enhances comfort, while the armrests provide perfect support while working. The Duo Suspension gives the user complete spinal support, along with the lumbar support system. In terms of style, the company offers this chair with a wide range of options. Customers can select the frame finish, suspension color, base color or finish, and various upholstery options.


Vaghi – Expo 15

Angular and minimalist

Ideal for any workspace, the Expo 15 task chair also looks at home in any interior thanks to its elegantly simple and versatile design. Baldanzi & Novelli designed the chair for Vaghi with clean lines and angular forms that complement a seriously comfortable build. Expo 15 has a medium-height backrest with a breathable mesh material, a tilt mechanism, and lumbar support. The upholstered seat is plush and soft, but the user can also adjust it in height. Other features include adjustable armrests with a pivoting system, arm pads that allow both width and depth adjustments, rubber casters that protect flooring, and an aluminum base. The white and black version looks fantastic anywhere, but users can also choose other color combinations from various options.


Alias – Rollingframe 52 Soft

Cozy chair with a wider seat

When Alias asked designer Alberto Meda to create a new office chair for modern workspaces, the brief included the request for a wider seat. After a lengthy research and development process to engineer new components and mechanisms while keeping Alias’ elegant style intact, the Frame 52 collection was brought to life. The Rollingframe 52 Soft version features the range’s extra-wide seat, armrests, a mobile base with casters, and a soft, upholstered cushion for extra comfort. Apart from the height adjustable seat, the chair also features a synchronized tilting mechanism and a five-star base. Crafted to last, this office chair features an extruded aluminum and die-cast aluminum build. This design suits a wide range of settings, from offices and meeting rooms to home offices.


Gaber – Elodie

The best office chair with a sound-absorbing build

One of the most elegantly minimalist office chairs you can buy, Elodie complements its refined good looks with impressive flexibility and comfort. The chair boasts sharp lines and angular forms in a creative design created by Marc Sadler. Elongated and reaching below the seat, the backrest also stands out with an innovative double-shell structure and a thermo-formed felt fabric. The special build of the backrest allows the panel to reduce sound waves between 125Hz to 4000Hz. This makes Elodia perfect for office environments and especially open-plan spaces. Like the best task chairs, this design incorporates a range of technical features, from the 100% weight-sensitive mechanism that adapts to the user’s body without requiring any adjustments to the intuitive controls that allow the adjustment of the seat height and the lumbar support.


Visionnaire – Volver

An office chair inspired by 1960s designs

Versatile and elegant, Volver from the Visionnaire collection proves that the best ergonomic office chair doesn’t need to look ultra-technical or have a complicated build. Designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, the chair features a subtly curved seat and backrest that reference 1960s designs. The upholstery boasts a ribbed pattern, while the metal armrests with a rounded shape have a polished finish. The five-star base with casters provides an easy solution to move the chair when and as needed in an office space. Sharing more in common with designer lounge chairs than complex task chairs with multiple levers, Volver looks fantastic in any setting, from offices to home studios and hospitality areas.


Vaghi – Assia

Comfort and flexibility in a modern office chair

Choosing the best ergonomic office chair is easy when you have the option to pick a design from Vaghi. Assia shows exactly what we mean. Designed with a perfect blend of style, function, and adaptability, this recliner chair features a medium height mesh backrest, swivel seat, and adjustable armrests. The user can adjust the lumbar support for customized comfort and change the depth and height of the plush seat as well as the height and width of the armrests. Other features include a plush and curved seat, a soft polyurethane back pad, polyamide armrests, and rubber casters. Assia comes with black or gray frames, a range of finish options, and upholstery in various colors.


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