Site-specific installations and designs that alter the viewer’s perception of light.

Danish designer and artist Ane Lykke creates large-scale, site-specific light installations that affect the viewer’s perception of light and space. She has designed pieces for a wide range of clients, from the Danish Design Center to audio brand Bang & Olufsen. Her Light Objects series explores the play between light, shadow, and depth. Named simply “Light Object”, the centerpiece of the series features a circular form with wooden slats that change the color and reflections of the light. Ane Lykke created the design in collaboration with Yoshihara Woodworks Japan, seamlessly blending Danish and Japanese design principles. The three-dimensional Kumiko wood grid covers the source of light and thus produces faceted expressions of light.

For the subtle Reflected Light, Ane Lykke created an installation that establishes a dialogue with architecture. More specifically, with Bagsværd Church – designed by renowned architect Jørn Utzon. Similarly to the previous work, this installation features grid structures that allow only a certain amount of light to pass through from the top of the installation to the wall and then to the front space. The design and rhythm of the grid also matches the striped patterns present throughout the church in wood and concrete elements. Made for Sushi Anaba, the Senbon Light Object creates a sensory connection with the restaurant setting. The circular object shines with a warm glow, reminding of sunlight in late afternoon. Placed above the counter where chefs prepare sushi, the installation is also visible from the outside of the restaurant. Photographs© Ane Lykke.