When you imagine the home of your dreams, a large backyard swimming pool is probably also included in the picture. Considering the large pool of talent in the world, it’s easy to see how contemporary swimming pool designs can be as breathtaking as the houses they accompany. On this page, we have gathered some of the most impressive projects that showcase the creativity of international architects and designers. From a modern pool design that becomes a part of a living room to rooftop pools that overlook spectacular mountain landscapes or lush jungles, here you’ll find the inspiring designs that will light up your day.

What is the difference between a lap pool and a leisure pool?

Primarily designed for health and fitness activities, a lap pool is a specific kind of in-ground swimming pool. It’s typically long and narrow, allowing for continuous, uninterrupted laps, making it a popular amenity for those who are fitness-conscious. Typically long and narrow, it allows for uninterrupted lengths of swimming, making it a popular choice for fitness-focused homeowners in places like Florida. On the other hand, a leisure pool, as the name suggests, is a custom pool designed for relaxation and fun. It usually has varied depths and may include features such as a shallow end for children, seating areas, and even water features like slides or waterfalls.

What are some pool design styles?

There are numerous pool design styles to choose from, each offering a unique aesthetic and mood. Some popular ones include:

  • Contemporary: Known for their sleek lines and sophisticated appeal, contemporary pools often use minimalistic design elements and are perfect for modern homes.
  • Infinity or edge pool: Also known as vanishing-edge pools, they create an illusion of water merging with the horizon, perfect for properties with a scenic view.
  • Natural: These pools mimic the look of natural bodies of water, often incorporating rock formations, waterfalls, and lush vegetation.
  • Classic or Traditional: These pools usually have a formal and symmetrical design, often rectangular, and complement homes with a classic architectural style.
  • Lap: Long and narrow, these pools are designed for swimming laps and are perfect for fitness-focused homeowners.

What are some of the reasons why people choose to have a swimming pool?

People choose to have a swimming pool for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s about improving health and fitness as swimming is a low-impact exercise that works the entire body. For others, it’s about creating a space for relaxation and leisure in their own backyard, a place to cool off during hot summers, or a stunning water feature that enhances the aesthetic appeal of their property. A pool can also be a social centerpiece, perfect for parties and gatherings, and may increase the resale value of a home.

What are the advantages of a pool with a shallow end?

Having a shallow end in a pool comes with a host of advantages. Notably, it offers a secure area for children and novice swimmers to take pleasure in the water safely.It also allows for various water-based activities such as water aerobics or playing water games. Moreover, a shallow end is perfect for lounging and relaxing in the water, perhaps under poolside umbrellas with a beverage in hand.

What are the three different types of pools?

The three main types of pools are in-ground, above-ground, and semi-inground. In-ground pools are types of swimming pools that are constructed into the ground, and they are commonly made from materials such as concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass.  Above-ground pools, as the name suggests, are set up on the ground level and are usually made from vinyl or steel. Semi-inground pools are a combination of the two, partly built into the ground and partly above ground.

What are the benefits of a pool design?

A well-thought-out pool design can significantly enhance the pool’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. It can help ensure the pool blends seamlessly with the rest of the property, match the homeowner’s lifestyle needs, and elevate the overall landscaping design. Furthermore, a good design can incorporate safety features and ensure efficient use of space.

What is the most important part of a swimming pool design?

While all aspects of a swimming pool design are important, the most crucial is perhaps its integration with the surrounding landscape and architecture. The pool should complement the home and its outdoor space, not clash with it. In order to create a harmonious swimming pool design, careful attention should be given to the pool’s size, shape, style, and positioning within the property. Safety considerations, such as fencing and non-slip surfaces, are also essential.


Cape Verde

12 villas with private swimming pools.

Built among the hills of the São Vicente island in the Cape Verde archipelago, this high-end retreat offers guests the opportunity to get away from city living and relax in the middle of nature. Designed in a collaboration between Polo Architects and Going East, this resort features 12 villas with private terraces and modern swimming pools. The team used both concrete and locally sourced materials for this project, creating a dialogue between rustic and contemporary design. Wooden decks with lounge chairs provide a comfortable place to relax after a swim. Photograph ©Francisco Nogueira

House on the Cliff

A minimalist volume with a cantilevered platform

Designed by Fran Silvestre Architects, House on the Cliff minimizes its impact on the site with a three-dimensional structure that adapts to the topography of the steep plot of land. A wing cantilevers over the cliff, creating a dramatic accent in the rugged landscape. The studio placed the swimming pool on the lower level and designed it as a “quiet cove” that brings the inhabitants closer to the Mediterranean Sea. Made of concrete, the house features a white lime stucco finish that gives a nod to vernacular architecture. Photograph ©Diego Opazo

Country Estate

A pool house designed for a restored 1950s residence.

This award-wining project is a special addition to our selection of swimming pool designs. Named Country Estate, the project in New Canaan, CT involved restoring a mid-century modern gem, a 1950s residence designed by architect Philip Johnson. Architecture firm Roger Ferris + Partners restored the original house and added several new volumes, including a pool house. All of the new structures respect the design of the main dwelling. For the pool house, the studio set the concrete volume into the hillside and designed a round pool that pays homage to Philip Johnson’s masterful use of geometric forms. Photograph ©Roger Ferris + Partners

Sant Mori House

A garden that becomes the heart of a holiday retreat

We must include another project completed by architecture firm Mesura on our list of modern pool designs. This holiday retreat in Sant Mori, Spain, features a large garden that effectively becomes the heart of the house. The studio renovated the dwelling and designed a new outdoor space using cement tiles reclaimed by the client. To soften the brutalist aesthetic, the team also used solid wood decking. Apart from the swimming pool, the garden also features a metal pergola that offers shade to a dining area. Photographs ©Salva Lopez

Refúgio na Montaria

A modern concrete house with a rooftop swimming pool

Designed by Carvalho Araújo, Refúgio na Montaria is a contemporary concrete dwelling built on the footprint of an old ruin. Located in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, the house opens to views of the Serra d’Arga mountains. The studio placed the swimming pool on the rooftop, which means that this outdoor space provides access to a stunning panorama of the surrounding landscape. Minimalist and modern, the swimming pool is made of concrete and draws inspiration from local houses that feature their own water tanks. Photograph ©Hugo Carvalho Araújo

Casa Tiny

A concrete and wood retreat in Mexico

Like its name suggests, Casa Tiny is compact but whatever it sacrifices in size it makes up for in tranquility and closeness to nature. Designed by Aranza de Ariño, the retreat near the town of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, features a concrete and wood build. Unlike most of the houses with modern swimming pools from our list, this retreat is available to rent. Guests have access to a kitchen and a mezzanine bedroom with a bathroom. Outdoors, they can enjoy swimming in a modern pool and lounging on a terrace surrounded by lush vegetation. Image courtesy of Casa Tiny.

Cercal House

A contemporary dwelling inspired by traditional barns.

Inspired by vernacular architecture, Cercal House features a contemporary design that reinterprets the silhouette of local barns. Lisbon-based architecture firm Atelier Data designed the dwelling with a minimalist form and bright white walls. The spacious living room opens to a deck with an infinity pool, highlighting the strong connection between the interior and the surrounding landscape. Acapulco lounge chairs allow the inhabitants to sit back and relax while enjoying the views of the swimming pool extending outwards to meet the rolling hills. Photograph ©Richard John Seymour

Sohanak Swimming Pool

A concrete pavilion with a pool designed for a private garden.

To create the Sohanak Swimming Pool, Tehran-based Kourosh Rafiey Architectural Design Studio converted an old irrigation pond in the client’s garden. Located slightly away from the main house, the swimming pool becomes a retreat-like space. Inspired by traditional Iranian garden kiosks, the concrete pavilion comprises changing facilities as well as a hot tub and a sauna. A concrete terrace cantilevers over the water, doubling as a diving board. The reflection of the volume on the swimming pool’s surface enhances the connection between architecture and nature. Photograph courtesy of KRDS

Camp Baird

A solar-heated pool for an off-grid family retreat.

Located in the small town of Healdsburg in Sonoma Valley, Camp Baird is an off-grid family retreat. Malcolm Davis Architecture designed the house with Corten steel clad volumes and corrugated metal roofs. Large openings and glazed walls open the living spaces to nature as much as possible to maintain a “camp” feel. A deck area connects the dining area and the pool. While the swimming pool is heated by solar thermal panels, the cabin has photovoltaic panels that generate enough power for the entire house. Photograph ©Joe Fletcher

Casa Ter

A modern swimming pool lined with traditional ceramic tiles.

Barcelona-based architecture practice Mesura designed this concrete and stone house with two volumes that create three distinct spaces. Named Casa Ter, the dwelling sits in an idyllic, verdant landscape in the Baix Empordà county of Catalonia, Spain. The studio used locally sourced ceramic tiles to design terraces and steps that lead to the pool. The same earthy-colored tiles line the border of the modern swimming pool, complementing the green hues of the surrounding grass. While relaxing after a swim, the inhabitants can admire the tranquil landscape of mature trees and rolling hills. Photograph ©Salva López

Pool House

A cozy and elegant lounge space designed for an existing residence.

NY-based design studio General Assembly designed this pool house for a residence located on Shelter Island. The two volumes feature charred cladding and large openings that overlook the pool. A pergola at the center features a protected lounge space and also provides the entrance to the two separate wings. The modern pool runs alongside the two volumes. Stone tiles cover the border and the terrace around the water. Sun loungers and lounge chairs near a modern fire pit complete the laid-back, relaxed retreat vibe. Photograph ©Joe Fletcher

Casa TB

A modern pool design with stone pathways over the water.

Completed by Aguirre Arquitetura, Casa TB has a modern swimming pool that fits its grand design. The contemporary house features sprawling living spaces with airy, open-plan areas. Glazed walls and sliding glass doors connect the interior to the garden and to the huge swimming pool. Apart from the actual swimming area, the pool also wraps around the side of the white house. Stone slabs allow the inhabitants to cross from the living spaces to the garden over the water. Photograph ©Leonardo Finotti

La Piscina del Roccolo

An underground pavilion with a curving pool

Italian architecture firm act_romegialli designed this pavilion with an indoor pool for a historic house from the early 1900s. To reduce the visual impact on the building, the studio built the new space underground with a tunnel connecting the two volumes. La Piscina del Roccolo features areas on different levels and windows that connect the interior to the surrounding landscape and a lake. White ceramic tiles cover the floors and walls in a uniform palette that puts the focus on the mass of water. A small patio and a sliding door link this modern swimming pool design to nature. Photograph ©Marcello Mariana

Hotel Hubertus

Swimming among mountains.

If you ever wanted to feel like you’re floating among mountains and swimming in the sky, you need to put Hotel Hubertus on your travel list. Architecture and design firm noa* created new wings for a family-owned hotel in Valdaora, Italy. The new volumes include a wine cellar and a fitness area, but the new terrace is the one that steals the show. That’s because it features a fresh take on infinity swimming pool designs. The hotel’s pool stretches towards the mountains and the sky, effectively transporting guests into another world. A glass panel on the bottom of the pool allows swimmers to get a glimpse at the valley below. Photograph ©Alex Filz

Casa Xólotl

A winding pool that makes its way among stone walls.

Casa Xólotl has a modern pool design that effortlessly marries old and new elements. Punto Arquitectónico renovated a building left in ruins to create the comfortable dwelling. Located in Mérida, Mexico, the house features the original façade but completely overhauled living spaces. The outdoor areas become the highlight of the entire property thanks to a winding swimming pool that “flows” among courtyards and patios. A refurbished traditional cistern transformed into a waterfall allows the inhabitants to relax in a hammock while listening to the stream of water. Photograph ©Tamara Uribe

Grândola House

A large swimming pool that overlooks a gorgeous Portuguese landscape.

Located in Grândola, Portugal, this house features misaligned rectangular volumes that maximize access to views and the visual connection between different indoor areas. Portuguese architecture firm ColectivArquitectura also designed an expansive outdoor living space with a huge swimming pool. The inhabitants can access this area directly from the open-plan living room, dining room, and kitchen. The studio installed a wooden deck and paved the sides of the swimming pool with light stone. As it opens to the landscape, this outdoor space offers access to incredible views of the surrounding nature. Photograph ©Fernando Guerra

House in La Cañada

A modern pool surrounded by white concrete.

Architect Ramón Esteve designed House in La Cañada with a central courtyard reminiscent of a Roman atrium. Near the entrance, a large but shallow pool of water reflects the sky and the façade, offering an almost cinematic experience to visitors. On the other side of the house, the studio used white concrete to frame the modern swimming pool. A wooden deck area with sun loungers provides the perfect opportunity to relax after a swim. Located close to Valencia, Spain, the house is surrounded by lush vegetation and palm trees. Photograph ©Mariela Apollonio

Casa L4

A rooftop pool with ocean views.

Located in Costa Esmeralda, four hours away from Buenos Aires, Argentina, this brutalist retreat is the vacation home of architects Luciano Kruk and Ekaterina Künzel. They designed Casa L4 as a holiday retreat for themselves with the potential to rent it out in the future. Build among tall pines, the house enjoys privacy from the nearby beach. On the roof, the swimming pool area offers gorgeous views of the surrounding trees and the coastal landscape. A glass and concrete volume that houses the internal staircase gives access to the roof and brings natural light deep inside the house at the same time. Photograph ©Diego Medina

Casa Sardinera

A contemporary retreat designed with two swimming pools.

Another project completed by architect Ramón Esteve, Casa Sardinera is a great addition to our selection of swimming pool designs. Nestled on the top of a hill that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, the house is the ultimate summer retreat. And it has not one, but two modern swimming pools. The basement area contains a spa, gym, sauna, and guest rooms as well as an indoor pool. A longitudinal window brings natural light inside and allows reflections from the outdoor swimming pool to cast shadows over the walls and water surface. Outside, the infinity pool seems to spill over to the sea and the sky. Photograph ©Mariela Apollonio

Villa Melana

A Mediterranean villa with stunning coastal views.

Studio 2Pi Architecture collaborated with architect Valia Foufa to design Villa Melana. Built on a naturally formed plateau on a steep slope, this holiday retreat offers uninterrupted views of the coast and the sea. The team used white finishes and solid stone for the exterior of the house, to allow the building to reflect the sun and to also protect the inhabitants from the heat of the summer months. Like other modern pool design projects from this list, this villa’s swimming pool creates a seamless transition between the indoor living spaces and the sea. Lounge areas, both covered and open to the sky, offer a perfect solution to relax outdoors. Photograph ©Pygmalion Karatzas

House Infinite

A white horizontal volume with a roof swimming pool.

Just like its name suggests, House Infinite in Cádiz, southwestern Spain, has a poetic concept behind its clean contemporary design. Architect Alberto Campo Baeza designed this house as an “infinite plane facing the infinite sea.” The rectangular volume has a horizontal orientation, reaching out to the beach from the base of a small sandy hill. On the roof, three walls provide shelter from the coastal winds. Built into the flat plane, the modern swimming pool mirrors the color of the sky, standing out against the brightness of Roman travertine stone. Photograph ©Javier Callejas

Sala Khaoyai

A relaxing resort in Thailand.

Designed by Bangkok-based design practice Ramón Esteve, Sala Khaoyai minimizes its visual impact on a mountainous landscape with pavilions placed at a lower height beneath a mountain top. On the plateau, there’s a large oval swimming pool that creates the illusion of floating towards the valley below and to the mountains in the distance. Built from reinforced concrete, the resort also features locally sourced wood and cement plaster colored with a light pink hue that matches the reddish color of the soil. By the pool, the studio designed a lounge space with pillows that have a blue color similar to the shade of the sky and the water. Photograph ©Pruk Dejkhamhaeng, Kitti Attakitmongcol


A modern pool design for a renovated Italian villa.

Among contemporary renovations of traditional stone houses, few projects represent the concept “old meets new” better than CRV. Completed by Ramón Esteve, this project involved the restoration and modernization of a manor house in Catania, Sicily. The outdoor spaces required as much attention as the interiors. For the garden, the team created terraces connected by pathways and shaded areas. A swimming pool built into large monolithic slabs of stone features a variable depth as well as an overflow system. The pool becomes the heart of the garden, reflecting a Corten steel pavilion, raw stone walls, and a tall tree. Photograph ©Sebastiano Amore

AP House

A contemporary stone house nestled in a stunning landscape.

Built at the top of a hill in Urbino, in the Marche region of Italy, AP House offers spectacular views of rolling hills, valleys, and mountains. GGA architetti placed the volumes on a red concrete platform. Completed with solid stone exteriors and clean forms without modern gutters or drainpipes, the structures look at home in this natural setting. The main living space opens up to the minimalist swimming pool. Overloking the sprawling vista, the pool makes swimmers feel like they’re floating above the valley. Photograph ©Ezio Manciucca

Casa DD

An infinity pool built with sandstone walls that match a nearby villa.

In a similar way to other Italian villas from our list, Casa DD shows that modern swimming pool designs work best when they celebrate tradition. Designed by architects Giorgio Balestra and Silvia Brocchini, this house stands on the ruins of a 17th-century building. The team renovated some parts of the ruins and built new volumes using locally sourced sandstone. While contemporary and featuring an infinity-like design, the swimming pool also boasts a light stone interior that connects it to the age-old feel of the stone house. Photograph ©Giorgio Balestra

Musk Creek Residence

A concrete pool that complements a house inspired by rural barns.

B.E Architecture designed Musk Creek Residence for a couple who wanted to retire to a farm on the coast. Located in Flinders, Australia, the house is built on a steep slope and has a modernist design that draws inspiration from rural barns. To shelter the dwelling from the harsh coastal winds, the studio added a concrete wall and wrapped the house around a courtyard. In this sheltered outdoor living space, the inhabitants and their guests have access to a modern swimming pool and to uninterrupted views of the ocean. Photograph ©Derek Swalwell

Whitehall Road Residence

A simple, linear pool with silvery gray decking.

Another house nestled in nature completed by Australian practice B.E Architecture, Whitehall Road Residence features a modern pool design with a simple rectangular shape and silver gray wood decking. The dwelling rises from the crest of a hill in Flinders, Australia, offering access to sweeping views of a picturesque setting. The clear blue water of the swimming pool provides a counterpoint to the textured dry stone wall and the gray hues of the deck area. Mature gum trees surround this outdoor space and the house, providing a welcome respite from the bright sunshine. Photograph ©Peter Clarke

Villa K

An infinity pool that stretches towards mountains.

All of the modern swimming pools from our list create tranquil spaces for relaxation. Villa K by Studio KO is no exception. Located a short drive away from Marrakech, Morocco, the property features two one-story volumes completed with clay and earth walls. The elongated infinity pool stretches out almost 100 feet alongside a garden, from the center of the house towards the landscape. From here or the outdoor lounge area, the inhabitants can admire stunning views of the Atlas Mountains rising in the distance. Photograph ©Dan Glasser

House of Sand

A minimalist retreat in the Mediterranean.

Designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, House of Sand follows the topography of the coastal site in Valencia, Spain. The minimalist retreat rises in front of a large sand dune that shelters the property from storms and coastal winds. To maximize the sea views, the studio placed the social areas on the top volume. The lower level houses the bedrooms that have direct access to the pool area. Matching the simple, contemporary aesthetic of the house, the modern swimming pool features white steps and white interior walls. On one side, the upper volume cantilevers over the water to provide shade. Photograph ©Diego Opazo


A triangular infinity pool.

Among other gorgeous swimming pool designs from our list, this project stands out with a distinctive concept. Athens-based architecture firm Gavalas Architects designed Aeon as a contemporary retreat in the village of Tolo, Greece. A symbol of eternity and connection to nature, “Aeon” influenced the design of the pool. The triangular infinity swimming pool gives a dynamic look to the dwelling as it points towards the coast and the Tolo gulf. While partly buried into the hills, the dwelling features a south-oriented volume where the main social areas open to the pool and the outdoor space. Photograph ©Cad Monkeys

Casa ECS

A modern pool design for an artist’s house in Sicily.

Nestled in a sloping site in Scicli, Sicily, Casa ECS blends naturally into the landscape with a green roof, stone walls, and a large pool. Architect Giuseppe Gurrieri designed the house and adjacent studio for an artist. Stone walls frame the outdoor spaces which include courtyards to the north and a terraced area to the south. The long swimming pool runs alongside the main living spaces and the garden. Local plants and flowers as well as olive and carob trees immerse the outdoor space into the natural surroundings. Photograph ©Filippo Poli, Giancarlo Tine’

House Rehabilitation in Aiguablava

An L-shaped pool in Costa Brava.

Most of the modern swimming pools from our selection accompany new builds, but this project in Costa Brava, Spain, involved the restoration and complete redesign of an existing house. The clients asked Mano Arquitectura to create their dream coastal retreat, complete with a modern pool design. The redesigned house features a concrete pergola that stretches almost 100 feet but doesn’t have any supporting columns. As a result, the inhabitants have access to generously sized and sheltered outdoor spaces. Featuring an L-shaped design, the crystal blue pool wraps around the living room. Photograph ©Luis Carbonell

House Renovation in Treia

A 300-year-old rural house converted into a modern retreat.

Unlike other modern swimming pools from our list, this design puts the focus on the water with an elevated border. Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects renovated a 300-year-old farmhouse to create a contemporary residence and family home. The studio preserved the original stone walls but added modern touches, including the swimming pool that resembles a large fountain. Apart from paving the pool area with stone tiles, the architects also designed a lounge space where the inhabitants can relax while admiring the surrounding hills with vineyards and forests. Photograph ©Hannes Henz

House BRAS

An indoor swimming pool immersed in a natural landscape.

Contemporary but also perfectly integrated in a woodland, House BRAS designed by Belgian studio DDM Architectuur features a sculptural silhouette and generous glazing. The firm used natural stone for the walls and also installed glazing that brings the surrounding greenery into the interior. The swimming pool features darker stone tiles which give the water a deeper shade of blue. Surrounded by glass walls, this area allows the inhabitants to feel a part of the woodland setting while they swim. The property also features courtyards and has access to a pond. Photograph ©Lenzer

Alain Capeillères’ Summer House

A modernist work of art.

A work of art, this swimming pool is an architectural masterpiece of modernist design. It was created in the 1970s by architect Alain Capeillères for his own summer house in the south of France. Captured by photographer Romain Laprade for the ‘Domestic Pools’ exhibition, the modern swimming pool stuns with its distinctive design. The asymmetric pool features curved and angular shapes. White ceramic tiles cover the interior, borders, and surrounding elements. Spherical lamps, lounge areas, terraces, a hammock, and a diving board complete the design. Photograph ©Romain Laprade


A swimming pool carved inside a natural rock formation.

From minimalist structures to organic designs. For the SJA III house in Mexico, architecture studio Casas De Mexico designed a swimming pool that is part of the natural topography of the site. Carved inside a rock formation, the pool features a combination of blue tile walls and rough boulder surfaces. Lounging here, the clients can admire the pristine beach and the Pacific Ocean. The house itself is nestled into the rock wall and features natural and locally sourced materials like wood and stone – both on the exterior and throughout the living spaces. Photograph ©Rory Gardiner


A swimming pool integrated alongside other living spaces.

Contemporary swimming pool designs come in all shapes and styles, but this project stands out with an imaginative concept. Unlike many pools, this one becomes an integral part of the living spaces.  Brazilian architecture studio Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados designed the Panorama house with a central swimming pool. One thick glass pane of the modern pool design becomes a partial wall in the living room. As a result, the inhabitants can see the swimmers from different parts of the social area. Artworks placed around the house and lush plants complete the creative interior design. Photograph ©Filippo Bamberghi

Alila Yangshuo Hotel

An old sugar mill transformed into a high-end hotel.

Completed by Vector Architects, this project in Yangshuo County, China, involved transforming a 1960s sugar mill into a high-end retreat. Named Alila Yangshuo Hotel, this resort features modern volumes built alongside existing structures. An industrial truss has become a modern swimming pool, but that’s not the only water feature of the retreat. The studio also designed expansive pools with solid stone tiles around contemporary buildings. Throughout the hotel, the team used concrete as a main building material, creating a dialogue between old and new. Guests have access to spectacular views from any outdoor space in the resort. Photograph ©Shengliang Su, Hao Chen

150M Weekend House

An elongated house with a modern pool to match.

A natural choice for our list of modern swimming pools, 150M Weekend House in Thailand features a creative design that maximizes access to views. Designed by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates, this weekend retreat spreads on the site horizontally to an impressive length of almost 500 feet. On the roof, a huge deck area accompanies the long pool. Here, the inhabitants can swim, relax on the sun loungers, and admire the landscape of woodland and green hills. This impressive property also features a smaller indoor pool in a wing with glazed walls. Photograph ©Pirak Anurakawachon

Art Villa

A concrete retreat nestled in the jungle.

Czech design and architecture studios Formafatal and Refuel Works collaborated on this project. Named Art Villa, this residence is part of a larger resort that includes a range of properties to rent. Inspired by Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, the team designed this Costa Rican house with massive concrete slabs that form the terrace and the roof. A concrete volume expands perpendicularly to the house towards the jungle. Here, a modern L-shaped swimming pool allows the inhabitants to take a moment to unwind in the middle of nature. Photograph ©Boys Play Nice

Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool

Canada’s first chemical–free public outdoor pool.

Completed by architecture firm gh3*, the Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool in Edmonton is the first chemical-free public outdoor pool in Canada. Instead of standard cleaning chemicals, the studio used a natural system of gravel, sand, and plants to filter the water. The expansive space includes a deep pool, a children’s pool, on–deck outdoor showers, a sandy beach, and picnic areas as well as other facilities. The material palette also enhances the impact of the blue water, from the dark limestone to the textured concrete. Photograph ©GH3

Villa Safadasht

A modern pool for a weekend home in Iran.

Iranian architecture practice Kamran Heirati Architects designed Villa Safadasht in the city of Karaj with two large volumes linked by a passageway that runs above a swimming pool. Inspired by traditional dwellings, this contemporary house features light gray walls made of locally sourced dolomite stone. Courtyards, patios, and large glass windows create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. To ensure that nothing blocks the view to the pool, the studio placed supporting columns on either side of the swimming area. Photograph ©Ali Daghigh, Abdolreza Bassiri

Private Pool and Spa in Sweden

An outdoor and an indoor pool designed for an 18th-century house.

Stockholm-based studio Claesson Koivisto Rune took inspiration from neoclassical Gustavian mansions to design this modern pool and spa pavilion. Located in south Sweden, the new structure expands the lounge spaces of a mansion that dates back to 1796. The outdoor pool sits on an elevated podium, offering great views of the estate. Inside the podium, there’s an indoor pool the inhabitants can use during the winter. The firm used French-style chevron parquet patterns for the swimming pool areas, the pavilions, and the wood decking. The laser-cut white tiles boast different shades of turquoise, depending on the depth of the water. Photograph ©Lindman

Casa G

A minimalist house with an infinity pool that overlooks the Alps.

Italian architect Alfredo Vanotti designed Casa G for a client who wanted a dwelling that makes the most of the sunshine, all year round. The minimalist concrete house sits on a plot of land between vineyards, in an old town located on the Rhaetian side of the Alps in northern Italy. Like other swimming pool designs from our list, this one focuses on simplicity and a connection to nature. The long infinity pool runs alongside the dwelling. Made of concrete, the modern swimming pool matches the textures of the house and blends into the setting. Its tranquil surface reflects the sky and the surrounding landscape. Photograph ©Marcello Mariana