Glamorous camping, or glamping as it is known, has become extremely popular over the last few years, showing no signs of slowing down. It combines comfort and traditional ‘camping’ to provide a unique vacation experience and a convenient way to get back in touch with the environment, away from 5 star hotels and straight into the heart of nature. Lushna is a company that designs and builds small shelters and tents specifically for this type of tourism. The team includes bioclimatic architects, wood builders, marketing and hospitality experts; all of them are self-declared outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. “We believe people are searching for unique experiences in nature where they can reconnect with their life and environment,”, Lushna says. Ideal for private properties as guest rooms or for building successful eco-friendly resorts to attract tourists, the products designed by the company include suites, tents, cabins, saunas, standalone bathrooms, pods, and more. The villas are all built from high quality, natural and sustainably sourced materials, including untreated wood and ecological textiles, and they can be installed without traditional concrete foundations using the innovative Ground Screw Foundation system.

Keeping true to their glamorous label, the structures feature king size beds, heating and insulation, as well as an integrated ventilation system. A panoramic glass wall provides unrestricted views of the landscape, offering a direct connection to the outdoors, day or night. The tent version features convenient mosquito nets and lighting, and it can be installed in a lush forest or on a beach. For even more comfort, the suite comes with a small kitchen and bathroom. These small and cozy structures are suitable for all kinds of weather and locations, integrating into the environment perfectly. The roofs and facades can be customized to fit into a particular destination, complementing both natural and local cultural requirements. Looking at the rising popularity of glamping, it becomes clear that tourists are looking for intimate weekend or holiday experiences where they can find a sense of calm and peace, away from busy city life. Nature provides the key to achieving that balance. Images courtesy of Lushna.

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