A lighting installation that explores materiality through elegant compositions that pair volcanic rock and metal.

Mexico City-based Studio davidpompa draws inspiration from materials and artisan techniques deeply rooted in Mexican culture to create contemporary lighting. Timeless and distinctive at the same time, the objects showcase an idiosyncratic visual language that celebrates the beauty of imperfection. An exploration of materiality, the essence of materials, and their tactile qualities are also a focus for the studio’s work. The Magmatic Parallelism installation is a perfect example. Featuring the Meta Parallel lighting series of “deconstructed volcanic rock displacements”, it pairs materials that each have a bold character. Volcanic rock cylinders and brass or black aluminum sheets come together in elegant compositions. Arranged either vertically or horizontally, the pillars create parallel lines that intersect the elongated or aligned metal elements.

The materials complement each other but also create a poetic parallel between the ruggedness of raw and porous volcanic rock vs. the smooth and lustrous or matte and dark surface of metal. Thin black cables hold each sculptural composition. The Meta Parallel lighting series comes in two versions. One of them combines black volcanic rock which matte black aluminum, while the other brings together pale cream stone and golden brass. Launched during Milan Design Week, the Magmatic Parallelism installation will be on display as part of the Alcova site. Design lovers will be able to admire the installation at Via Simone Saint Bon, between June 5 – June 12, 2022. A sky blue room will provide the perfect backdrop for the elegant lighting, with blue pedestals and stone objects giving the designs a new dimension. Photographs © Studio davidpompa.

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