Coffee aficionados, the ones who can’t live without their coffee, are often particular when it comes to their java; whether it’s that hard to find, single-origin blend they swear by to the perfect coffee bean grinding setting to that one brewing method that surpasses others. Finding the perfect gifts coffee lovers would enjoy may not be as easy as it seems at first. That’s why we have created this list with hardcore coffee fans in mind.

For the ones who have the tools and accessories they need already, we have several gift options. Someone who loves espressos only? Got it covered. A cocktail fan? There’s something in this list for them, too. A coffee lover who is obsessed with books, history, and contemporary issues like fair-trade practices? You’ll find a couple of options here. So take a cup of freshly brewed coffee and enjoy our list of the best gifts for coffee lovers.


Stelton Collar Espresso Maker

A design that blends Italian and Nordic cues.

Created by Italian design duo Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri for Danish brand Stelton, the Collar Espresso Maker seamlessly blends Nordic and Italian design cues. In a fresh take on the traditional cooktop espresso maker, or the Moka pot, this coffee brewer has a stainless steel body with a Teflon® coating and a matte black finish. A rubber wood handle provides a comfortable grip while pouring. This coffee maker works on all stoves, including on induction cooktops with a steel adapter. One of the great gifts coffee fans will surely love, this brewer is part of a larger collection that includes matching accessories.

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Fellow Clara French Press

An elegant and practical French press.

The Fellow Clara French Press makes the daily coffee brewing more elegant and efficient at the same time. And because some of the best gifts a coffee lover would enjoy combine style and function, this French press offers exactly that. Clara features a double vacuum insulated body that keeps the coffee hot for longer. The all-directional spout makes pouring a joy while the larger press lid is comfortable to use. Other features include level lines on the interior for both coffee and water; an enhanced mesh filtration system; and a non-stick, PTFE-coated and PFOA-free interior that makes cleaning as easy as possible. An agitation stick for releasing the coffee’s full flavors is also included.

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Phil Glass Drip Coffee Maker Set

A refined set made from glass.

If you want to impress a coffee lover with a great gift, look no further than this stylish and sleek set from Blueside Design. Created by Naessi Studio, the set takes inspiration from traditional glass-making techniques and aims to bring more focus to the daily ritual. The set comprises a stove kettle, a drip coffee maker, a measuring tool, and a decanter. All of the pieces are carefully handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans. Made from 100% borosilicate glass, the set is extra-clear as well as more durable, thermal shock resistant, and tougher than standard glass. And if that’s not enough, keep in mind that this collection comes to life through sustainable production methods that minimize waste.

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HMM Sqoop

A must-have accessory for coffee brewing.

Designed for the coffee fans who like precision, the HMM Sqoop provides the easiest way to measure the perfect amount of ground coffee – every time. The square shape sets this scoop apart from similar designs, along with the subtle vintage cues. Made from cast iron, Sqoop also features a warm teak handle. A durable Teflon coating ensures easy cleaning. Safe to say, the quality craftsmanship of this simple and convenient measurement tool make it a must-have for any coffee fan who brews coffee at home. Plus, the design is a perfect accompaniment to cast iron or Teflon coated coffee makers, kettles, and other accessories.

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Seletti Hybrid Eufemia Set

One of the gifts coffee lovers will fall in love with.

As far as gifts for a coffee fanatic go, you’re probably restricted in your options by one simple fact: they have everything they need already. Well, for that tricky situation, we have the perfect solution: a product and design they’ll never expect. Part of the stunning Hybrid series created by CtrlZak for Seletti, the Euremia set is a work of art made from bone china. The design brings together Eastern and Western pottery decoration traditions. Each side has its own style, with a golden line connecting the two. The floral patterns are also refined by hand, making this set extra-special. The set includes a cup and a saucer.

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Yield Glass French Press Amber

A sunny design.

Bring more vibrancy to the coffee making routine with this Glass French Press from Yield. Bright and warm and the same time, this glass coffee maker has an amber color. It’s a sunny way to start the morning, but this French press is also efficient and easy to use. Apart from a fine mesh filter that keeps even the smallest of particles at the bottom of the coffee maker, it also features a copper pull with a cylindrical shape. Like the best glass coffee makers, this one is crafted from tough and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. One of the best gifts coffee lovers who like creative design will appreciate.

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Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

A smart coffee maker.

If you’re looking for more substantial gifts a coffee lover will be delighted to receive, you can’t go wrong with a premium coffee maker. The Ratio Eight is a perfect example. Designed to recreate the precision of a barista pour-over, this coffee maker uses a smart algorithm to make the brewing process automated. The one-button operation allows the user to make delicious coffee with the touch of a finger. The machine’s Bloom, Brew and Ready phases run smoothly in a sequence to provide the perfect cup of joe, every time. Designed for 16 to 40 ounces coffee brewing, the Ratio Eight features a die-cast aluminum heating element, a stainless steel shower head, and a borosilicate glass carafe.

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Osma Pro

A state-of-the-art cold brewer.

One of the gifts coffee fans would enjoy the most is a state-of-the-art coffee maker that offers something different from the rest. Like the Osma Pro. It’s specially designed to extract all the time-sensitive compounds that traditional cold brews miss as well as the heat-sensitive ones that hot brew methods destroy. And it does this in minutes, not hours. Perfect for full-bodied cold brews and cold espressos, the Osma Pro uses acoustic cavitation to extract the widest range of aromas with a cold-extraction method. Each CNC-machined coffee maker is hand-assembled in Oregon, USA, in small batches. The first run of 1000 units sold out quickly, but the company has opened a pre-order list for the second series. Finally, each machine has a unique series number.

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Stelton Theo Mug Set

Made for good conversations over a good cup of coffee.

Designed by Francis Cayouette for Stelton, the Theo Mug set blends Japanese and Scandinavian design principles in one simple, elegant and versatile product. Crafted from black stoneware, the mugs have a matte finish on the exterior and a glazed, glossy surface on the interior. A rounded handle provides the perfect grip and also complements the curved shape of the mug. The set comprises two mugs, offering a great way to brew some quality coffee, get cozy and start a conversation. The award-winning Theo collection also includes a coffee maker and a teapot, among other products.

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Form & Function Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

A mellow coffee from a family-owned farm.

From Form & Function comes a gift any coffee aficionado would provably love to receive. Because what’s better than discovering a new favorite artisanal coffee?  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe comes from a small, family-run farm in Ethiopia, located at an altitude of 1850-1950 meters above sea level. Fully washed, the coffee has a smooth and mellow flavor that allows the subtle fruity notes to shine. Flavors include sweet cranberry and caramel as well as black tea. This 12 oz/340g is great as a gift for coffee lovers who like milder brews.

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Departo Ceramic Mug

A simple mug perfect for good coffee.

Finding beauty in simplicity and exploring the efficiency of minimalist design are two concepts that can make even the most ubiquitous of items special. The Departo Ceramic Mug is certainly understated in its form but that makes it incredibly versatile. It blends clean lines with the rustic feel of an artisanal ceramic object. Matte and lustrous finishes give texture to the minimal mug while a large rounded handle makes it a joy to hold every morning. A glaze finish on the rim completes the design. This Departo mug comes in five gorgeous colors that range from neutral chalk to light blue and warm tobacco.

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Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster

An award-winning home roaster.

What do you give a fanatic coffee home brewer who has everything? Something they might actually not have yet – a coffee roaster. And the Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster is a great choice. Winner of the RedDot Design Best of the Best 2021 award, this coffee roaster offers the perfect opportunity to get even more control over the final taste of each cup of coffee. The unit has an ingenious, patented design with a heating system that stimulates direct fire to ensure great quality. Heat insulation keeps the machine cool to the touch, however. A large window offers a great view of the beans, to observe their changing color, while the quiet operation at 65dB allows the user to hear the first cracks with ease. Other features include a large capacity of 550g, or over a pound, a patented bean input-output, and a tray. The Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster costs NT$68,000, which is around $2,300.

Buy $2290

Stelton Collar Coffee Grinder

A timeless coffee grinder inspired by Nordic design.

Sit down and take a moment to smell the freshly ground coffee with the Stelton Collar Coffee Grinder. One of the best gifts coffee lovers who grind their own coffee beans each morning can receive, this product is also beautifully designed by Italian designers Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri. It features an ergonomic silhouette and a rounded handle that make grinding coffee beans as easy as possible. Made from stainless steel and ceramic, this product also features a brass coating with a golden color. A black Teflon® layer minimizes maintenance and ensures easy cleaning as well as more durability.

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Snow Peak Field Coffee Maker

A multifunctional set.

Why give one gift when you can surprise a coffee lover with a 3-in-1 design? Like the Snow Peak Field Coffee Maker. Developed in Japan, this coffee maker from the Field series is as practical as it is beautiful. It features a stainless steel and glass build as well as subtle brass accents. As for function, this set impresses with a removable dripper that converts the pour-over system into a percolator. The coffee maker can also be used as a kettle to heat water. Finally, the dripper fits neatly into the kettle for easy storage or traveling.

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Nektar Coffee Trio Classic Bundle

An ideal gift for coffee lovers who love espresso.

Any coffee lover enjoys discovering great coffee, so this gift will surely hit the right spot. Part of the Nektar Coffee collection, this Trio Classic Bundle includes, as the name suggests, three bags of coffee. Ideal for espresso lovers, this set comes with three 340 g or 12oz bags of L’ours noir, La sève, and Fazenda Jatoba coffee. L’ours noir is the brand’s Origin series blend and combines dark chocolate and molasses notes. A signature espresso blend, La sève is creamy and has walnut, caramel, and dark chocolate flavors. Finally, the Brazilian Fazenda Jatoba coffee has notes of hazelnut, cane sugar, and fudge.

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Kapu Coffee Scoop and Bag Closer

A practical accessory.

A product that solves an everyday problem is one of the best gifts a coffee lover can get. The Kapu Coffee Scoop and Bag Closer from Hile Design is a handy 2-in-1 design. Like its name says, it helps the user measure coffee for the brewing process and also keeps the bag tightly closed to prolong freshness. As the bag remains airtight, the closer protects all the flavors of the coffee from oxygen. Plus, the scoop weighs a standard one cup measure of 20ml/7g. Handmade in Finland, Kapu is crafted from light birch plywood and features a white finish on top for more durability. This product also comes in recyclable packaging made from Finnish carton.

Buy $20

VSSL Java Coffee Grinder

A portable coffee grinder.

One of the best gifts for coffee lovers who also enjoy camping or traveling, the VSSL Java Coffee Grinder is compact but engineered with efficiency in mind. It features stainless steel bearings on the bottom as well as the top, resulting in a consistent grind size. This detail also ensures there’s no “wobbling” experienced with other manual grinders. The Java is also fast as it grinds 20 grams of coffee in 60 seconds. Easy to use, this manual coffee grinder features a quick-release lid that pops off by pushing a button. Other features include 50 grind settings, a military-grade aluminum and high-quality stainless build, a signature Clip and Flip lever that doubles as carrying handle, and a removable magnetic handle. This product also comes with a cleaning brush and an organic cotton pouch.

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Kinto SCS-S02 Brewer Stand Set

A different take on coffee making.

A creative design, the Kinto brewer stand set reimagines the classic coffee brewing ritual with a scientific laboratory twist. At the same time, the design encourages the user to slow down, take their time, and brew coffee at a more relaxed pace. The set comes with a brass stand with a ring that allows the user to adjust the height of the holder. Made from heat-resistant glass, the carafe and cup are both dishwasher and microwave safe. Likewise, the brass brewer is durable and high-quality. A set of 20 cotton paper filters are also included with this Kinto SCS-S02 Brewer Stand Set.

Buy $190

Huskee 16oz Cup with Lid

An eco-friendly gift.

Made from coffee husks that would have otherwise become waste, the Huskee cups are as eco-friendly as they come. This cup is one of the best gifts for a coffee lover who is environmentally conscious. However, Huskee is not only a green product, it also a practical and convenient one. Apart from replacing single-use cups, it also keeps coffee hot for longer. The ribbed pattern and tactile materials also make the cup a joy to hold. Durable and reusable, the Huskee cup is conveniently dishwasher-safe. This version has 16oz, so it’s perfect for hardcore coffee fans who are not satisfied with only one cup in the morning. A lid makes this mug the perfect travel companion.

Buy $22

Stay Golden Coffee Co. Chin Up Blend

A versatile coffee blend.

Available through MistoBox, the Chin Up blend is versatile and suitable for a wide range of brewing methods. Stay Golden Coffee Co. roasts every bag to order, which means that the coffee will arrive super-fresh as well as quickly, in 1-2 business days. The blend comes from farms in Honduras and Guatemala, located at 1,400 and 2,000 meters above sea level. Fully washed, the coffee is beautifully balanced and features notes of chocolate and cherry. It suits anything from espressos to an iced coffee and comes either as whole bean or ground, in a 12 oz bag,

Buy $25

Jot Ultra Coffee

The world’s most concentrated coffee.

Here’s one of the gifts coffee lovers will enjoy: the Ultra Coffee from Jot. This is the most concentrated coffee in the world, served in a 200ml bottle that can make about 14 cups of coffee. You can use this to make anything from hot coffee to iced coffee or coffee ice cream. Made from only water and organic coffee, this is a pure, smooth and incredibly flavorful product any coffee lover will appreciate. The coffee comes from Central and South America, from farms that use sustainable and ethical farming practices. You can choose between three versions. The Original is balanced and smooth, while Orbit has dark and sweet notes as well as milk chocolate flavors. Finally, the latest addition, Dark, is the most intense of the bunch.

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Erode Summit Soap, Cardamom Coffee

An organic design inspired by mountain ridges.

Created by UMÉ Studio and made in a collaboration with Tonic Naturals, the Erode soap is as enjoyable to admire as it is to smell. The shape is distinctive, as it references the irregular slopes of mountains landscapes. The scent is special as well, since it combines coffee and cinnamon with cardamom notes. Premium ingredients include mineral-rich clay and organic botanicals, making each soap suitable for all skin types. Erode Summit creates a rich lather that cleans and also soothes the skin. Plus, the soap is crafted by hand in California in small batches through a cold-pressed technique.

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Næssi Coffee x Chicchi by Marigold

A coffee that celebrates Italian design.

Based in Rome, Naessi Studio takes inspiration from the city’s rich history and vibrant cultural life to create refined and timeless products. To make this coffee, they turned to a local coffee brand, Chicchi by Marigold. Their fruitful collaboration is one of the best gifts coffee lovers who also like contemporary design can receive. A love letter to coffee, this product features single-origin whole bean coffee sourced from a small farm in Uganda that uses sustainable methods and solar panels to cover 95% of their electricity needs. The coffee boasts berry, plum, pink grapefruit and honey notes. Naturally, the packaging also impresses with a bright and bold pattern inspired by two distinctly Italian materials: terracotta and travertine.

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HMM Glass Coffee Cup

A glass inspired by the passage of time.

Coffee is a great way to start your day, so why not enjoy it out of a glass inspired by the passage of time? This HMM Glass Coffee Cup also makes a perfect gift for a coffee or tea lover. The cup features twelve facets that reference the hours of a clock. A tapered bottom allows easy stacking of multiple cups while a heat-proof handle with a rounded shape provides a great grip. The cup is also sustainably made, as it’s crafted from recycled glass sourced from Spring Pool Glass. Each cup is made by artisans in Taiwan via sustainable methods and circular economy principles. The HMM Glass Coffee Cup comes in two versions: clear and amber.

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The World Atlas of Coffee

A complete guide to the world of coffee.

One of the inspired gifts coffee fans will surely appreciate, The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing by James Hoffmann chronicles coffee production in over 35 countries. And much more. It includes overviews of different coffee growing areas, organized by continent, country, and region with maps, charts and other informative text. It also explores the role of colonialism in the history of coffee as well as contemporary issues of fair trade practices and organic farming. Step-by-step brewing tutorials and gorgeous photographs that capture various landscapes and coffee growing fields are just a couple of reasons why this book is a must-have for any coffee fan.

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Brewing Justice

A comprehensive book about the fair-trade label.

More and more coffee lovers prefer to buy a product marked with a fair-trade label, but not many people understand exactly what that means. Author Daniel Jaffee explores this complex subject in Brewing Justice Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability, and Survival. The book is a detailed look into the social, economic and environmental benefits of fair trade practices. To gather the material for the book, the author researched the Zapotec indigenous communities of Oaxaca, Mexico. More specifically,  members of the cooperative Michizao. The book offers a parallel between Mexican farmers who grow organic, fair-trade coffee and their neighbors who use conventional farming. Readers can also learn more about the dynamics of the fair-trade market and the effects of these measures on the farmers’ everyday life, to name only a few topics covered in the book.

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Craft Coffee: A Manual

A manual about making great coffee at home.

Named the top food and drink book by the Food Network in 2017 and translated in several languages, Craft Coffee: A Manual is a must-have for coffee lovers who want to refine their coffee brewing techniques. This complete manual explores different methods to brew coffee at home in great detail. How much detail, you ask? Well, apart from different technique for the same method, the author also takes into consideration different devices, with ten of the most popular ones included. And the goal? To help readers create the perfect barista-quality, specialty coffee at home. The book also explores the science of extraction and brewing methods and offers tips on choosing equipment.

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Acqua Di Parma Caffè in Piazza

A scented candle inspired by Italian conviviality.

With the Caffè in Piazza scented candle, a coffee lover can bring the spirit of a cup of coffee enjoyed on an Italian terrace with a freshly baked pastry into their home. Made by Acqua Di Parma, the candle takes inspiration from Italian conviviality. It features a delicious blend of intense cappuccino and espresso notes along with aromas of Italian pastries, vanilla, cardamom, flowers, sandalwood, and hints of hazelnut. Caffè in Piazza comes in a bright yellow vessel and has 200 g, offering a burning time of around 50 hours.

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The Art & Craft of Coffee Cocktails

A great gift for coffee fans who love cocktails.

Meet one of the ideal gifts coffee fans who also love cocktails can get: The Art & Craft of Coffee Cocktails. Written by award-winning, world-class mixologist Jason Clark, this book offers everything you need to know about making the perfect coffee cocktail. After learning about the history of coffee through the ages (starting with the 7th century), readers enter chapters filled with extremely detailed and helpful mixing tips aimed at beginners as well as experienced bartenders. The book contains more than 75 recipes that range from classics to modern creations, all of them based on coffee.

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