A modern armchair designed with a visible steel frame, wood armrests, and plush cushions.

Designed by Chris Martin of Stockholm-based furniture company Massproductions, the Jump Easy Chair blends contrasting materials and forms in a harmonious design. The armchair features a visible steel frame reminiscent of a skeleton that supports different parts of the body. The frame links the elements of the chair: the backrest, the armrests, and the seat. Seemingly floating inside the steel frame, the seat boasts plush cushions, just like the backrest, to provide a high level of seating comfort to the user. To soften the industrial accent of the metal, the designer added wood armrests that bring more warmth and a tactile surface to the armchair. “I gave the armrest a soft shape to give the skin’s contact points a soothing and calming feeling,” explains Chris Martin, Designer-in-Chief of Massproductions. The rounded cushions soften the design further.

Thanks to the chair’s simple build and assembly method, the user can remove the upholstery for washing or replacing. This prolongs the life of the armchair significantly, transforming the Jump Easy Chair into a sustainable piece of furniture. Furthermore, the armchair features FSC-certified wood armrests. A manufacturing process that combines modern techniques and traditional craftsmanship ensures that the chair offers the best of both worlds. The Jump Easy Chair comes with various types of upholstery options; customers can also choose the color of the frame from the available colors of Blue Green and Black. Finally, the armrests come in either oiled oak or oiled walnut. Photographs© Massproductions.





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