A distinctive table lamp inspired by a fictional nun.

Designed by Milan-based designer Gabriele Panciera, the Gertrude table lamp takes inspiration from an unlikely place: literature. To create the lamp’s distinctive shape, the designer used the nun character Gertrude from the 1827 book “The Betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni as a reference. While the main inspiration for the design is Manzoni’s fictional nun, the Gertrude table lamp also references the use of geometrical elements of 1970s Italian design. It features a spherical diffuser made of two parts; while the 3D printed PETG main part contains the light bulb, the other section made of translucent PLA allows the user to remove it for easy maintenance and light bulb changes.

The inclined plane provides an easy way to direct the light onto a table or desk surface. At the back, the lamp features a triangular base that ensures perfect stability. Made in a larger size, the table lamp has a sculptural silhouette and strong presence. When turned on, the light illuminates from the spherical diffuser with a soft glow. Apart from brightening living spaces, it also becomes a creative focal point in a living room, bedroom, or home office. Gabriele Panciera’s Gertrude table lamp comes in light or dark versions. However, the black finish perfectly highlights the main concept behind the design. Photographs© Gabriele Panciera.

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