The Alan Super Record CX is a vintage Italian bicycle originally designed by Lodovico Falconi in 1984. An aluminum racing bike, the design has a frame that is relatively light and sporty like the commuting bikes of today, so it makes for a great custom build. In a moment of luck, the Netherlands-based builder Junior Hoefsloot found one such frame in good condition in a scrap metal yard. He salvaged the part, taking it back to his workplace, Villa Boerebont MOER. A philanthropic foundation and shop, Villa Boerebont MOER trains underprivileged youth in the life-long skills of woodworking, bike mechanics, farming, and baking, ultimately helping them gain confidence and financial independence. Hoefsloot and the young people work together to create quality fixed-gear and single-speed bicycles for customers. Refurbishing and re-imaging the Alan, the team paired the frame with another found part, a chromed Tange fork, and set the design aside until they found the right finishings. After a year, the project finally came together when Hoefsloot received a roll of automotive 3M adhesive wrap. The wood-like finish inspired Hoefsloot to resurface the Alan, and, within two weeks’ time, the frame was wrapped up and outfitted with donated parts such as a Sturmey Archer crankset, a polished SR stem, a Mavic 610 bottom bracket, customized fenders, turbo tyres, a Brooks saddle and grips, and a handmade leather bag. Named Minna, the bike is bright and warm in appearance: not bad for its second life.

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