A minimalist phone designed to enhance the user’s well-being.

Warsaw-based Mudita is a new kind of tech company that aims to re-imagine our relationship with our gadgets. The brand has launched a collection of minimalist products that focus on improving the users’ well-being instead of keeping them constantly connected. Apart from the Harmony alarm clock that provides a range of ways to customize bedtime routines and meditation sessions, Mudita has also designed a different kind of phone. Named Pure, this phone offers only essential features in a clean design. It has an easy to read E Ink display with a resolution of 600×480, PPI of 270, and support of 16-grayscale for a paper-like look. Furthermore, the screen doesn’t emit blue light, which inhibits the users’ natural circadian rhythm and may affect sleeping patterns.

Pure also has an ultra-low SAR value thanks to an in-house developed system that shields the antenna. Apart from offering a simple way to make calls and receive texts, the phone has a high-quality Harman speaker and a headphone jack plug as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The MuditaOS is conveniently open-source and specially made to enhance the phone’s power efficiency and smooth operation. In that note, Pure also comes with a durable, replaceable battery. Other features include a USB-C cable that converts the phone into a data modem and a meditation timer. Finally, the Mudita Pure is made with a conscious production approach, with parts sourced locally wherever possible. You can find Pure in Charcoal Black and Pebble Gray in the brand’s online store; both versions cost $369.99. Photographs © Mudita.

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Davide was born and raised in the tiny Piemonte town of Biella, world-famous for its textiles and the hometown of Michaelangelo Pistoletto. A life-long passion for design and innovation led Davide to New York City, where he lives with his family. He created Gessato in 2006, and he's been pioneering new communication tools and techniques ever since.

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