The greener version of a popular Muuto design.

Introduced in 2014, the Fiber Chair designed by Iskos-Berlin provided a fresh, forward-thinking take on the classic shell chair design. It featured an innovative blend of materials, plastic and wood fiber, that provided both durability and strength. For 2022, Danish furniture brand Muuto has released an upgraded version of the chair that embodies the brand’s dedication to sustainable, responsible manufacturing. The new version features recycled plastic and FSC-certified wood fibers. While the plastic comes from post-industrial waste from eyewear manufacturing, the wood fibers come from sustainably managed forests. As a result, the upgraded Fiber Chair reduces its environmental impact significantly and provides an eco-friendly seating solution for minimalist design lovers.

The chair boasts the same curved shell that envelops the user, and a matte, exceptionally tactile surface. Similarly to the original, the new version comes in different colors and designs. For example, Muuto offers the Fiber Chair with wood or metal bases. The wood bases boast a water-based lacquer finish, while the aluminum or steel bases come with lacquered or powder-coated finishes. Apart from the standard dining chair, this design also comes in an armchair and an office chair version with a swivel base. Finally the shell comes in colors that range from Ocher and Dusty Green to Gray, Black, and White. Muuto will launch the new Fiber Chair in North America by fall 2022. Photography© Muuto.

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