A café and cocktail bar in Hong Kong designed with Milanese-style interiors.

Located in the Happy Valley neighborhood of Hong Kong, Coffeelin is a café and bar that celebrates Milan’s coffee culture and Italian design traditions. JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio completed the 900 sq. ft. space with Milanese-inspired interiors, as Coffeelin is the first and only distributor of Italian Griso coffee in Asia. Apart from offering locals and tourists authentic Milanese coffee, the coffee shop also welcomes them into a creative and fun space full of color and imaginative details. Every piece of furniture, finish, and material pays homage to Italy; from Memphis-style artworks and mirrors to pendant lights that give a nod to 1960s Milanese design.

The outdoor area features al fresco seats and lush plants in oversized planters. Green doors with golden handles lead to the interior where a counter-height cocktail bar marks the heart of the venue. Covered in dark green tiles, the counter complements antique Memphis-style mirrors with undulating frames. Apart from adding a creative accent to the interior, the mirrors also enhance the sense of space. Stairs lead to another level with comfortable seating and curtains in a more private area.

Refined details inspired by Italy.

Throughout the space, the studio incorporated elements that celebrate Italian design and the city of Milan. For example, the designers used hardwood walnut and terrazzo tables, industrial pendant lights, and a patterned marble floor. One of the highlights of the space is a custom-made, Memphis graphics pattern applied both outside and inside the café. Colorful and rhythmic, the hand-painted graphics cover parts of the facade and interior walls. While JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio created the design, Elsa Jeandedieu Studio applied it on the walls. Other notable details include Venetian plaster in different colors, coffee terms and menu items written on mirrors by local artist Katol Lo, and custom signage created by another local artist, Start-from-Zero. A welcoming coffee shop by day, Coffeelin transforms into a vibrant cocktail bar at night. Photography© XU Liang Leon.

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