New Tendency, Celebrating Bauhaus Design Principles

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A collection of contemporary furniture and home accessories that pay homage to the Bauhaus movement.

In the world of contemporary design and architecture, Bauhaus emerges as one of the most enduring influences. You can see it everywhere, from elegant timepieces to chairs and entire bathroom collections. However, not many people know that the word itself was trademarked in the 1960s by a German company. Fast forward to 2012, when Bauhaus University graduate Manuel Goller co-founded a design collective with a witty name: My Bauhaus Is Better than Yours. Faced with a lawsuit, the collective chose a positive, forward-looking moniker, New Tendency. Today, the Berlin-based design studio and brand is an established name with a reputation – in Germany and abroad – as a company that upholds and celebrates Bauhaus design principles. This becomes especially evident in the latest New Tendency collection.

Introducing New Tendency Raw Essentials.

Following Bauhaus tradition, the range features furniture and home accessories with clean aesthetics and functional designs as well as bold geometric forms. Creative director Manuel Goller also gives each design an artistic quality that transforms every product into a distinctive decorative piece. The Raw Essentials collection focuses on the sense of touch. More specifically, the carefully chosen materials and finishes are exceptionally tactile. The collection comprises sofas and armchairs as well as tables, lamps, shelving and accessories like coat racks, drinking glasses, bookends, and trays.

Minimalist and designed with extreme precision, the products have a strong presence, whether in a residential or a work environment. Materials include steel and checker plated steel as well as marble and glass. The Meta Side Table, one of New Tendency’s signature pieces, features rectangular and circular elements that appear slender or hefty, depending on the viewing angle. This table also has multi-directional storage. The Standard Sofa boasts a lightweight, powder-coated aluminum frame that makes the seating look like it floats above the floor. For this design, the brand offers three curated textile and color combinations as well as cushions with Kvadrat upholstery.

Featuring laser-cut circular and rectangular steel elements, the Atlas bar stool strikes a graphic silhouette. An interplay of angular forms and cylindrical shapes, the sculptural December Side Table pairs powder-coated aluminum with a marble base. Regardless of function and material combination, every product from the Raw Essentials collection is incredibly versatile. The pieces works well either on their own or alongside any other designs from the range. Finally, the studio handcrafts each product in Germany. Photography© Foam Studio.

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